Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is this what $400 of yarn looks like?

Actually, this is what about $350 of yarn looks like. Oy. I'm in trouble, because this doesn't include the bin and a half of acrylic I've got in the basement!

It was all on sale. Really, it was. Most of it. Except for the Cascade 220. And the crochet thread. And the Noro...

Ok, how did this happen? I'm supposed to be the one who isn't into having a lot of "stuff." I buy what I need, right?

Apparently not.

It's not like I have mounds of money to spend on this stuff. I try to keep a pretty tight budget (I'm living by Suze Ormand's mantra: people first, then money, then things). I need to put away more of an emergency fund.

I'm going to blame my lack of organizational skills. But I'm gonna change, darn it.

One of the wonderful things about Ravelry (if you didn't already know) is that it has a great application for organizing your queue of projects, and the yarns you are going to use. You can put them in order, move them around, change the yarns if you want... it's been a godsend the past few days to organize all this mess I made.

Seriously, "stuff" stresses me out. I can see how hoarders can get into their compulsions, and I totally get how it makes them feel. It's a responsibility that just gets bigger and bigger until it overwhelms you.

Today, I decided that I was not going to buy anymore yarn, but instead of beating myself up about it (like I normally would), I decided to just be happy. I'm excited about all the possibilities. I think it's going to be a good winter (and spring - possibly into the summer) working through all my "stuff."

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