Thursday, September 17, 2009

Going Along Swimmingly - Trying to, anyway...

Still haven't packed yet. My excuse is that I'm waiting for another load of laundry to dry. The forecast for Alaska looks cold and rainy, but it couldn't rain the whole time could it? The positive side to this is that I have FABULOUS hair in damp weather. I never used any product in my hair when we lived in Belfast because of it.

I'm actually truly worried about motion-sickness while we're on the boat. I'm terrible with it. I have a fair arsenal of things to try to keep it in stead, including ginger tablets, wrist bands, and Gravol. Someone has suggested to me to cut the Gravol into quarters, so that it doesn't totally knock me out (as it sometimes does). I forgot to buy some soda crackers, but I'm guessing the boat will have something to nourish me in the event that I can't keep anything down. I'm trying not to think about it, but I really don't want to be the person ruining the whole trip with my pathetic stomach.

I'm still really excited about it. I've been restless all week, thinking about all the new things I'll see, and maybe some of the new people I'll meet. I'm not much of a partier - haven't been since I was in university. I'm really looking forward to walking on new land, seeing new landscapes, sitting in new places, watching the world and people go by.

I managed to score a destashed kit for last March's Year of Lace. It will be the Woodland Shawl, and I'm so excited for when it arrives in the mail. Last night, while thinking about it, and about Alaska, a little idea hatched in my mind: would it be possible to knit silhouettes of a mountain landscape, in reds, burgandies, purples? Probably in intarsia, maybe with some lace around the top border. Has anyone done this before? Could I do it? Can I make it happen? Hmmm...

It sort of puts me in mind of some art that a friend of mine has in her home that her husband purchased while he was in China. They are charcoal smudgings, where the artist uses the side of the hand, dips it in charcoal dust, and then rubs his hand up and down, creating silhouettes of mountains, trees, water... some of them are remarkably detailed. I wish I could find an example to share. I may go over sometime and take some pictures of them.

I'm realizing that my posts have been somewhat devoid of any visuals, but I'm sure I'll have plenty to share when we get back!

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