Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Social Networking - is anyone really out there?

I've been chatting with a friend (we'll call him Dawg) about this blog and about whether or not anyone really cares about what I write here. He says, "Well, you have to MAKE them care."

Alright people, listen up. You are going to care, or the knitting needle here on my desk is going to MAKE you care. I'm telling you. Don't resist. It'll be a messy, irritating wound.

I've signed up for Google Analytics (and it's making me giggle because the tab at the top of my Firefox window currently says, "Google Anal") and so far, I've had some pretty decent statistics, despite the fact that I really haven't told too many people about this blog.

It's funny - I read other people's blogs, sometimes religiously. I feel like I know these people, but I really don't. And really, the stuff you write on a blog is really the noise that goes on inside your head. I often wonder if that's how these people actually talk.

In case you are wondering, yes, this is how I actually talk. Or speak. Whatever the correct term is.

Is it part of my generation now to form relationships with people we've never actually met? Absolutely. One of my very dearest friends lives in Sweden, and I've only ever met him in the flesh once. That was after almost 10 years of talking to him online and in email. Is there anything wrong with that? I don't think so. In fact, it was only after I started chatting to people online that I realized the wideness of the world - and really felt that the possibility of traveling around the world was real. If that's not a positive mark for social networking, then I don't know what is!

I did, however, turn down the opportunity to join a local bowling league recently. I weighed the pros and cons carefully - I would make new friends, get some mild exercise, get out of the house. The thing that did it? Budget. I mean, I could be spending that money on yarn!

Anyway, enough of my little musings. If you're reading this and enjoying this, then thank you for taking the time. I do sincerely hope we get to chat one day about things we find mutually interesting.

By the way - a knitting needle wound IS terrible. I once got one jammed right into my thigh. But that's another story...

Changing my shoes and sweater Mr. Rogers-style and making my exit.


Ann said...

Of course, back in the dark ages of the 1980s (and early 90s?) people had pen pals overseas that they might never meet in person. So how weird is it really? The internet has just sped things up and widened our reach.
And I think I write my blog in the same way I talk in person. Longwinded and with too much detail if you give me half a chance!

ABCDawg said...

Um... I may or may not be the "Dawg" you refer to in this post, but if I were, you kinda make me sound a bit...harsh? :D

When I said "make them care", I wasn't thinking stab wounds... More along the lines of making yourself available, posting interesting well-written content, taking advantage of mediums that expand your audience...

Thus far, you are doing ALL these things!

For me, I thrive on the ability to meet other people, to share with them. Social networking is so much fun to me! But, something like your bowling league dilemma, I enjoy the internet for the ability to chat and meet people on my time, on my own terms.

I'd say you're off to a great start. And hey, you've got comments coming in now too! People are listening... :)

AdrieneJ said...

Dawg, sometimes being a bit harsh is what a blue like me needs. :)

Ann, it's interesting you say that about penpals in the past. It sort of reminds me about a discussion about whether or not crime was on the increase, or if we just hear about it more often now...