Monday, September 28, 2009

Still Rockin' After Dockin'

Well, here I am, on dry land. We arrived home yesterday, after the ship docked early in the morning in Vancouver. I only had one day of seasickness, and then I seemed to adjust to any rocking after that.

The only problem is that my body doesn't seem to want to stop swaying. I'm hoping I haven't become landsick.

Anyway, I had a wonderful trip. I saw all the things you expect to see in Alaska: whales, dolphins, eagles, otters, seals, sea lions... and I ate like there was no tomorrow. I tried to abstain, but when they put the cake right next to the salad bar, what are ya gonna do?

We arrived in Vancouver in the morning and boarded the ship at around lunchtime. I had a minor meltdown upon arriving at the docks - I was so worried that I felt sick on the train from the airport. After lunch (of which I did not eat much because I was afraid of the my tummy disagreeing later), I felt much better. After the obligatory safety and lifeboat practice, we set sail with the sun setting, off to Alaska!

We spent the first day sailing, and on Tuesday, we docked at Juneau. It was wet and grey, but it was still so cool to be there.

Hubby and I didn't have any plans here... we just walked around the shops, bought all the souvenirs (t-shirts, mainly, because I'm Filipino, and that's what you buy), and found a shop where I could buy a flash card for my camera (because I realized that I didn't bring the cord to download my pictures, and I only had a 128MB CF card).

We decided to find the library, because we figured we may as well take advantage of the free wireless there (hubby works all the time), and on the way there, I turned my head, looked up, and what did I see? Skeins of yarn, hanging in the window on the second floor of the building I was passing.

"Stop!" I say.

"Wha?" Hubby says.

"We are going across the street right now," I say.

And we did. The store was called Skeins, and on the steps on the way up, we met Sophie, the yarn dog, who greeted us with a sniff, and who proceeded to follow hubby around because he's the one the doggies all love.

What a great little shop! It carried a whole bunch of the standards: Noro, Cascade, Debbie Bliss. But who wants to buy the same ol' stuff that you can get back home?

I just noticed the sale shelf on the left there!

I asked if there was anything local in the shop, and the lovely owner brightened up and led me to the far wall where I found a wall of Rabbit Ridge yarn, as well as Raven Frog Fibre Arts yarn.It was all handspun and hand dyed and painted, in wool, silk, rayon... lovely big skeins. I settled on a skein of Rabbit Ridge sock yarn in the colourway called Turquoise Sand. So lovely...

Now that I think about it, I really wish I'd bought a skein of the Raven Frog as well. I was being mindful of a budget, but it would have been nice to get another Alaskan yarn. Maybe after Christmas, I'll see if it's possible to order some. There was a beautiful skein of raspberries and creams that was just speaking to me.

Yes, I went to Alaska and broke my yarn diet. And it didn't even stop in Juneau...

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