Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things That Continue to Amaze Me

1) People who write seamless patterns.
2) How cables just pop up while you're knitting.
3) How strands of wool will just felt together to make one continuous strand of yarn.
4) How good Jennifer Garner looks in those pants in Elektra.

I've been spending a lot of time this week on working on my Copycat Sears Cardigan. So far, I've just about finished the first sleeve. I'm determined to finished the second sleeve before next weekend, before I go on vacation for a week. We're going on a cruise to Alaska, and while I fully intend to bring something to work on with me, it won't be this project. I just have visions of it falling into the water somewhere and felting, or losing my luggage with my WIP in it. Notice that I don't have any fears about the boat actually sinking... just fear about losing my knitting!

Anyway, I thought I'd better stop and take some photos of this thing at this point. Sometimes, it's just good stop and stroke the cables. That was actually going to be the title of this post, but I thought better of it - I mean, if I ever become famous, I'd hate for the cable-stroking thing to come back to haunt me!

As you can see, the cables are quite serpentine in the way they undulate along the sleeve. I still have one more repeat of the pattern to go, but I'll stop at 20 inches so that it can be joined to the body later on. I think that, now that I've got the hang of it, I can get the other sleeve done fairly quickly.

I happened to pick up my copy of the Holiday issue from Vogue Knitting 2006, and I happened to flip to a page showing the Ribbed Waist Top by Gayle Bunn. It's sort of an asian-inspired, kimono sleeve top. It's strange - I happened to be in a coffee shop earlier this week and found a top in the most recent issue of Elle that I really liked, and it happened to resemble this one. I think I'd like to make it for myself - make it my size, add some short rows at the bust, and embroider some flowers onto the shoulder. It'll actually be something like I top I had a few years ago that I really miss.

I've been realizing more and more how much I like spending time figuring out these patterns in my head, solving problems, finding ways to make things fit better. It's been very relaxing. I suppose that's what makes people knit, crochet, sew... it's the joy of making things work, and being able to twist and turn shapes in your head, to see things from all sides. I used to do it a lot when I made jewelry as well. I never thought I was very good at that before. Maybe I'm better at it since I started knitting!

The problem is now I'm obsessing about what yarn I'll use for this project. Come on, I'm in NO position to be buying any more yarn! But, if I happen to come across a cornflower or electric blue in DK weight in a cotton/rayon/viscose blend, well...


ABCDawg said...

I can certainly relate to wanting to figure things out! Your knitting to you is my website to me. I'm constantly trying new things, figuring out ways to make it work better, adjusting other people's stuff so that it's more in line with what I want it to be.

On one hand it's work, but on the other hand it's fun! And it's damn satisfying to create something unique, even if the foundation of your creation isn't necessarily your own. :)

YarnKettle said...

Sometimes, it's just good stop and stroke the cables. I do believe I found my quote of the day! I laughed so hard at this one.
By the way you're not the only one to worry about losing their knitting to the watery depths, it was my secondary concern on my first canoe trip. My first was land, land, I want land.
Thanks for writing a blog that makes me laugh.

AdrieneJ said...

*Palmface* I can't believe I said that about stroking the cables. Ah well... at least I can provide some entertainment. Thanks for stopping by!