Sunday, November 15, 2009

Famous Last Words

Today is a repair day. I've been fixing all the things that I've been putting off for ages. I'm terrible for that, especially when I have a bunch of knitting or crochet projects I want to get my hands on. I couldn't put it off any longer, though. You can only have so many broken things sitting around.

I worked on my shoes first. They're my bargain wonders. I got them at the Salvation Army for $10, and they were almost brand new! The button that held the straps in place had popped off both shoes. I fixed one a few months ago, and lost the other button about a week ago. I ended up gluing velcro onto the straps so I could get them on and off comfortably. Shoes: check.

Next, I re-shanked the buttons on my jacket. This isn't the first time I've had to re-sew these buttons on. I think I've re-done every single button on this thing (there are 12!), and now I've lost one. I ended up taking one button off the pockets and flipped the flap over them so that you can't tell. Jacket: check.

After that, I moved a button on a long black wool coat that has been missing the middle button for a while now. I took the top button (which doesn't have a buttonhole, oddly) and moved it down, then re-sewed the bottom button on, because it looked like it was about to fall off. Coat: check.

Wow, looks like I have bad luck with buttons!

Then, I turned my attention to this cardigan which has been languishing in my closet for about a year. I made it with Amy Swenson's Mr. Greenjeans pattern.

Listen, children. This is one of those examples of why you MUST make a gauge swatch. I did not. And it's miles too big.

I remember just knitting a short little section, and thinking, "Well, it's only one stitch too large. How bad could it be?" Famous last words.

It's bad. I can't figure out one single way to wear it. There you have it - a bunch of hours of work down the tubes.

I've only just restrained myself to fixing this with my sewing machine and a pair of scissors. In short: steeking.

No way, baby. This one's going to Goodwill. Someone with a much larger bust can wear it. Not me.

Moving on: check.

I'm now daydreaming about making a version of Rambling Rose from Interweave Knits Winter 2006. I'm thinking about using the Evilla I bought from Alaska in the centre lace section, and then using a rust orange for the main body.

Problem1: The Evilla is a fingering weight yarn. The pattern calls for DK. Could I make this with such a lightweight yarn? This yarn is typical of the Fair Isle or stranded colourwork of Scandanavia. If they can knit sweaters out of this stuff, surely I could. It would just take me a hell of a long time.

Problem 2: The pattern is written for a 30" or 43" bust circumference. I am neither. That would mean I'd have to work out how to make it my size. Different yarn weight, different gauge, different size. Hmmm...

Problem 3: The pattern is written for the sweater to be made in pieces. I hate making things in pieces. I'd rather change the pattern to knit it from the bottom-up in one piece. Different yarn weight, different gauge, different size, different way of knitting.

Problem 4: I don't even have the pattern yet, and I'd have to find an old copy of the magazine to purchase.

Well... how bad could it be?

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