Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ever have one of those "duh" days?

I've started working on a sweater for my mom for Christmas, a little number from SweaterBabe called the Chic Cowl Neck Sweater. I bought the yarn for it way back in August during a visit to Winnipeg at Ram Wools. I'm going to make the long-sleeved version without the belt and with simpler 3/4 sleeves.

Let's rewind back to that day, shall we...?

I knew I wanted to make this sweater for my mom way back in the spring, because she's going through lots of health issues, and is one of those people who is perpetually cold. I'd been on the lookout for a natural fibre yarn to make this from, and came across GarnStudio's Alaska on sale at Ram Wools. Perfect weight, great colour. I'd brought the pattern with me, and checked the meterage and thought, "Hmmm... eleven balls oughta do it." When I got to the till, I discovered I'd actually picked up twelve. Well, what the hey. I'm always running short of yarn, so I took the extra ball anyway.

Fast-forward to Monday evening. First problem: I'd swatched to find my gauge and to check how the yarn would wash when knitted up. Perfect swatch. Only thing was I'd done it so long ago that I couldn't remember what needle I'd used. Great.

So, I made a second swatch. Ah... size 11 was fine. Good. Now I'll start. Now... what size was I going to make? Hmmm... I think it was a large. Wait a minute... do I have enough yarn?

I counted the balls. Yes, twelve. Then I checked the meterage for the pattern. Size large requires 1125 metres. Yeah, I think I've got that, right? 75m per ball times 12... gasp! That's only 900 metres! Goodness gracious me!

After looking through several photos of my mom and reasoning with myself that I'd always got her clothes in medium, and that she is always much smaller than I think, I started the pattern following the instructions for medium, because that requires 825m of yarn. Ahhh... all is well... or so I thought.

I just looked again, and lo and behold, I'm following instructions for size freakin' small. But! It fits a bust size of 32-34", and that is BANG ON. Whew! I'm saved.

Geeeeeeeez.... why can't I just do things right the first time? Sigh...

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Anonymous said...

that sweater is going to look awesome. Very nice!