Monday, February 22, 2010

Somebody snap me out of this...

I decided on Saturday night, after months of complaining about it, that I would try to lengthen my Twisted V Neck Pullover.

My options were:

1) Get over it.
2) Work bust darts in somehow to stop the front from riding up.
3) Add some length to the bottom somehow.

Well, I decided to go with option 3, but that came with its own complications. I couldn't just pick up stitches and knit downwards because that would ruin the clean line of the hem.

Then I thought, "I could just cut the stitches open at the bottom, put the stitches on a circular need and knit downwards, sort of like a provisional cast-on."

Well, that wouldn't work either, because the bottom half of the sweater is knit in twisted rib, which does not look the same if you knit it upside-down.

Then I sat and looked at it, and looked at it, and looked at it, then decided, "If I knit a band the same size as the bottom, then I could cut the hem open, then graft the band onto the bottom. That's possible, right?"

Well, it's possible. But it's reeeeeeeeeeeally difficult.

Last night, I made it to the point where I was ready to attempt to graft the band onto the bottom hem (of which I already cut the threads and unraveled them to reveal some live stitches). I managed to get about 4 inches into the grafting when I finally got the hang of it, but because it took me that long to get good at it, the previous 3 inches look awful. I figured that there's no point in me doing this if it's not going to look good, so I picked out all the stitches and have it sitting at home, ready for me to tackle when I get home today (because there was no way this thing was getting transported to work with me for my lunch hour-knit).

I don't know how I get myself into these things... Why can't I just finish my scarf and get on with life?

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