Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Online Store That Changed My Mind

In a previous post, I wrote about why I don't buy yarn online. Well... make way for the convert!

I've been watching an online store called for some time now. I joined the Ravelry group to see what people had to say about it, looked at lots of products made from their yarns, and just... watched the shop to see what the prices were doing. I've read and re-read their shipping policies and how they calculate their prices. They're a Canadian company, and are also quite popular for American customers. That, in and of itself, was interesting to me.

Last week, a thread on the Ravelry group said:

Lara bag sale tomorrow?

Then, my inner-sale-wench was awakened.

Let's just be clear here: I am a self-professed cheapskate. If it ain't on sale, I ain't havin' it. The ironic thing is... I love shopping. I look longingly at the shops and markets when I'm on vacation. I wanna see what kinda stuff is in there. There is a sense of victory that rings through me when I buy something good... and cheap.

I have tried for the Elann bag sales once before, but the other sale-wenches were much faster than me. I totally missed out. Not this time, said I.

The Lara bag sale was only a one-day sale, starting at 9:00am PST. I logged into my account (created a few months ago, but never used) at 8:50am PST.

And I waited.

I searched for "Lara." No bag sale posted yet.

So, I waited.



The advert disappeared from their "Sneak Peeks" section. Hmm, something was happening.




And there it was. I put two bags of Marine and two bags of Cream into my shopping cart. I typed in my credit card details with shaking hands. Clicked, clicked, clicked...

It took me a moment, but my eyes re-focused enough to realize I was looking at the "Sale complete" page. I did it! I got my yarn!

So, that was Friday. Then... Monday came around.

And I ordered two more bags in another bag sale.

Wow. I feel like a hunter that bagged her first deer.


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