Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Being a Builder

While sitting in the chiropractor's office waiting for a massage, I sat there, knitting away at my Featherweight Cardigan. The receptionist came up to me and asked, "What are you building?"

Nobody's ever asked me that before about my knitting. It seemed like a strange question at first.

"It's a sweater," I told her.

I lifted it up, showed her the body, sleeves, neckline. She was intrigued by how the fabric was folding around the edges, and I told her that I intended to steam that out.

"Oh, I kind of like the way that looks," she said. That was interesting, too.

"I think you're building something really nice," she said, before she returned to her desk.

I pondered her words after that as I continued my round. Building, huh? I guess I am doing that. I'm making something out of a material that will be something else in the end. And I will inhabit it -kind of. I guess that makes me a builder. Nice.

My massage therapist came in. "Hi, Adriene. I'm ready for you," she said. As I put my knitting back into my bag, she said, "I bet you want to finish that row."

I laughed. Wow, these people sure knew more about me than I thought!

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