Saturday, May 8, 2010

Featherweight - Finished!

It's finally finished! My Featherweight Cardigan!

It's been a looooooooooong knit. I started it on March 7 and finished today, May 8. Apart from my very first sweater, I'm pretty sure this is the longest knit I've ever worked on.

There are some neat things about this project. First of all, it's knit in Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label Laceweight in Mallard - such a lovely combination of colours. I've received compliments on the colour every time anyone saw me working on this project. If you look carefully at the elbows, there is some neat pooling where I changed my decreases on the sleeves. Not intentional, but really cool!

I had also attempted to add some yarn overs in the edging (you might be able to spot them along the bottom), but they just weren't working out, so I didn't bother doing them around the front edge. I'm hoping they're not too distracting.

The edging around the front is a bit droopy, but I'm living with it. I may yet add some loops and use a cufflink-style button to close the front. All in good time.

This is also the first project I've ever steam-blocked. It really helped to stop the edges from rolling. I may yet wet-block it, but I think it looks fine as it is now.

As fun as it was - this thing took forever! I did have plans to make more than one, but I think I'll let this rest for a while and work on something completely different - something with thick yarn and big hooks or needles!


YarnKettle said...

Beautiful! I don't think 2 months for a sweater is a long time, but I tend to knit socks on small needles so I may be a bit warped. Lovely sweater I hope you build more.

AdrieneJ said...

I guess two months isn't too bad for a sweater, but I tend to work with worsted or DK weight yarns more often, so they do go quicker. I think maybe it just felt longer because of the thin yarn, and because it just seemed like soooo many stitches!

T.M. said...

Beautiful! I think that 2 months for a sweater is great. And I really like the color. Congratulations on a job well done.