Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Goings-On

It's been a good chunk of time since I've blogged at all, but I thought I'd just write a bit about what's been keeping me busy.

Spring always turns into a busy time for me. I get so excited about my garden, especially my veggies. And, since we've been getting good doses of rain around here, things are looking up!

Thanks to my friend, Sarah, who was with me during the purchase of the Beautiful Towel, I planned to make a big throw pillow out of it. The plans are stalled at the moment, however, because my sewing machine is currently trapped under my leeks.


That brown box there is sitting on top of the table that my sewing machine folds into. And, since the rest of the dining table is being occupied by corn and broccoli, I guess the pillow will have to wait!

The garage sales have started as well. I try not to get too sucked in by these (goodness knows I love a good bargain), but when I saw this old Sunbeam mixer in a box selling for $5, how could I resist?

I have no illusions that I might someday shell out the $300 necessary for a brand new one, but this one works great (tested this morning for the making of the pancakes), bar the interesting smell of motor oil when I fire it up. Still, as long as it doesn't drop bits of itself into my cakes, I'm quite happy to have it!

Speaking of cakes, I finally managed to make a batch of baked doughnuts. The doughnut purists will probably scoff at the idea of a baked doughnut, rather than fried, but I wasn't about to stink up my house with oil and grease, and these worked out fine... eventually.

I had attempted this recipe last week, but managed to kill the yeast before the first rise. This week, with a thermometer at ready, a few alternate techniques and lots and lots of rising time, these babies were made.

I was so excited to eat them, that I was almost drooling as the doughnut entered my mouth. Perfection.

Oh yeah, and I've been knitting, too. My Featherweight Cardi is almost finished. Only one sleeve left to go!

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