Friday, July 2, 2010

Quick Knit - Good Yarn

I finished the Saroyan Scarf yesterday for my mom, just in time for my parents' arrival for a visit today! It was her birthday a couple of weeks ago, but since their visits have coincided with their trip to Reno the past couple of years, I usually just wait until they arrive to give her gift to her. The problem is - this scarf is so beautiful that I don't know if I can let it go!

(By the way, the reason they have been to Reno the past couple of years is because my dad has won the Seniors Bowling Championship in Manitoba twice in a row, and they send him there to play in the tournament there, all expenses paid - nice!)

This was a lovely knit from start to finish. I used Patons Silk Bamboo, a 70/30 blend that has a gorgeous drape and fantastic softness to it. I was afraid it would pill, but the silk seems to be keeping that in check. I did find a knot or two in a couple of the balls, but not nearly as bad as the Noro I've used in the past! I thought it was excellent value for money.

I blocked this scarf by pinning it down and spritzing it with water and letting it dry. I'd heard that silk can be pretty delicate when wet, and I didn't want to risk wrecking it. I will be giving my mom the yarn label so that she can wash it according to their instructions.

I do love these little knits - so quick and straightforward. I am also quite impressed with how even my stitches came out. Those who have seen me knit know that I quite often knit with two different-sized needles, because I purl looser than I knit. The only way I could prevent the rows coming out in two different sizes was for me to purl with a needle one size smaller than the one I knit with. The first time I did it, I was scared to death that it would turn out all wonky, but now, it's the only way I will knit stockinette flat. In a project with such a shiny yarn, it was especially important for the stitches to be even.

I'm also so impressed by the pattern that this my have converted me to the idea of wearing shawlettes... almost. I do have the Nightsongs Shawl in mind for myself sometime soon, as long as the blocking doesn't kill me (all those points!). However, there's nothing quite like a short project to get me motivated to work on more. Next up - a plesiosaur.

What the heck is that? I'll let you know if I am successful!

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