Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Picking up the slack

It's been a very unproductive few weeks for me. I think I might just have run out of steam. Maybe this is what happens at the end of the summer, after the flurry of activity out in the garden, all the outdoor walks, and all the summer fun takes its toll on you.

The garden is suffering at the moment, after a couple of weeks of chilly weather. My cucumbers are currently basking under a layer of plastic to give them some warmth and the tomatoes are trapped in the greenhouse (I say trapped, because the vines are growing so huge that I'm sure they're trying to take over the garden). We still had some pretty good bounty this year: onions, peas, broccoli, zucchini... and we're about to be buried under piles of purple beans that are growing like there will never be another winter.

This morning, as I shuffled around the cold kitchen, I was reminded of the fruits of our labours by a couple of sights. The raspberries picked last night:

The cherry tomatoes ripening on the windowsill:

I suppose I can use the garden for an excuse for not getting much done, but the truth is, I've been plain lazy. I haven't knit a single stitch in two days - blasphemy! But I did finish a scarf this weekend. I've called it the Coffee Scarf, for the colourway of the yarn I used. It's from Fiber Optica, and the colourway is Espresso.

It was an exciting project because it was the first time I got to try my new blocking wires, which I purchased from Elann.com.

I was a little disappointed with the pattern I used, as I really didn't know what I would end up with at then end of it all. If I'd known it would be so short, I would have left out one pattern repeat. As it is, it's still a pretty good scarf, perfect for draping around my neck to keep me warm on chilly autumn mornings.

About the blocking wires: I thought I could get a set of TIG rod from one of the welding shops here in town to use as blocking wires, but it turns out that there isn't a single bit of TIG rod in this entire town! I never did say what I wanted them for when I arrived at the shops. One guy even said to me, "Did the guy that you're buying this for tell you exactly what he wanted?" I was indignant... but I just said, "No... he didn't. But I want 1/16 gauge." Hmph.

I have picked up my poor Phoenix and done a bit of work on it. The yarn I needed to finish it arrived last Monday (thanks, Fun Knits!). I'm about 5 repeats away from finishing it. I'm of two minds as to weather or not I like it, what with the crazy colours and the funny shape, but maybe it will grow on me once I've washed and blocked it.

If I ever get my butt back into gear, that is...

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Joanne said...

Hi Adriene, here's the answer I put to your question on my blog...but first, what a great looking scarf! Love it and love all the produce. Yum.
Here's the response...
I usually put the roasted, chopped up eggplants in oil in reusable plastic containers before freezing them. I reuse the containers until they completely die and make sure to buy the recyclable ones so once they crack, they go into the recycling container.

With the beans, I break off the ends and break them in half. I wash them all, and put them on wax paper on a cookie sheet in the freezer so they freeze individually. Then I double bag them in gallon size freezer bags in the freezer. The green/yellow/purple beans are for both human and dog consumption. My dogs love them and get a couple of beans each with their kibble. Whatever they don't eat, we will use for dinner this winter!