Monday, September 20, 2010

Airborne with Yarn

We've had a vacation booked to visit my in-laws over in Belfast for a few months now. It's only just dawned on me that we are leaving in less than a week, and I've got to get packing!

We used to live in Belfast, and while I was living there, I was not much of a yarnie. I knew how to crochet, and did a doily here and there for fun, but it wasn't until I moved back to Canada that I really picked up hooks, needles and yarn and started to make things. Since then, whenever I travel, I bring a project with me. This trip is proving to be quite the challenge in that respect.

The problem? Well... times changed:

1) No water allowed: Well, ok... we usually bring an empty water bottle and fill it at a water fountain after security.

2) No knitting needles: Contentious. Some airlines allow it, some don't. We fly to England, then take another flight to Northern Ireland. One allows knitting needles, one doesn't. And, sometimes, it depends on the policies of individual airports. I don't think I'll chance a knitting needle this time. I could maybe try with a crochet hook.

3) Airlines are strapped for cash: Which means? Charges for everything. Extra bags, meals, beverages, and now, over-sized cabin baggage. I never bring a huge bag anyway, but the allowance for our trans-Atlantic flight is ridiculous. 43 x 28 x 23 centimetres. That's smaller than a laptop bag (an older one, anyway). I don't think I even own a handbag those dimensions. I might get away with my lunchbox.

I don't really bring a lot of things with me into the cabin when I fly: usually a magazine or book, some snacks, and maybe a small crochet project (knit project if I fly within North America). But, at this rate, I might bring an apple and my wallet.

There is the possibility that I could just not bring any projects with me at all... pardon me while I hyperventilate. I mean, I lived a life before that did not include yarn in any form or fashion. But I was bored and restless. And we're going to be away for two weeks. Yeah, no.

I also have to consider the type of project I could bring. I want to make a gift for a newborn, maybe a blanket or bag. Those projects require a lot of yarn, though, that will take up precious space in my luggage. Maybe a toy? I'm not very good at crochet toys, especially for babies. And I've have to bring the stuffing along as well.

This is a difficult conundrum, but I suspect I'll be researching things on Ravelry for the rest of the week before I decide. I know for sure that I will not be bringing my current project, the Green Gabled Hoodie along, because a) I'm hoping to get that done this week anyway, and b) it's way too bulky for this trip.

I think I have settled on making a pillow, like the one on Crochet Me, maybe with the baby's initials worked in somehow. I have lots of cotton sitting around, and I think it will fit nicely in my luggage... somewhere.

I guess I better get on it and get started with packing. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Why don't you bring your needles and pattern(s) and buy yarn in Belfast? Use the airlines as the scapegoat for needing to buy more yarn...just a thought :)

Anonymous = Dee

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, scratch that last post. Wouldn't want a certain someone to get any ideas :)

Anonymous said...

Afraid you can't bring the apple either. Very dangerous fruit...cannot cross borders.

p.s. yarn is way lighter than pants.


AdrieneJ said...

Hehe, you ladies are hilarious! Linette: I thought about the apple transgression later. Truth is, it probably would have been eaten in the car on the way to the airport, anyway! Dave is bringing Pringles. I could mooch off him!

Dee: I've learned in the past that it's not a good idea to try to buy yarn for a project while on vacation. It takes me so long to find something I like that I'd likely spend hours and hours in there - not fair for Dave to stand around that long. This is not to say that I won't buy any yarn, though. If I see something unique I can't get at home, all bets are off! :)