Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ok, who stole my mojo?

I am not having a very successful day today. Blah.

I got up this morning and went down to the basement to exercise. I was all suited up to meet Jillian Michaels' smiling face, all stretched and hydrated and ready. One third into the DVD, I had to stop. Just too tired. Hmph.

I opened up the laptop and looked up some yoga on YouTube to do instead. Well, I'd already whacked out my arms with Jillian, so the yoga... well, unless you count lying face down on the mat, panting and sweating (that's almost child's pose, actually), that was not so successful either.

So, I picked myself up, dragged myself up the stairs and managed to shower and dress myself. Score one for usefulness.

I then decided to shorten some jeans I got this week, because the 32" inseam seems to be a variable thing these days. I figured it would take me about half an hour.

Ninety minutes later, after much swearing and after using three different screwdrivers on the machine, I ended up with a crappy hem job. What the...?

I know these things happen (especially with my sewing machine, which seems to be going through a tantrum-phase, despite all my cleaning, oiling, tightening and loosening of the parts), but boy... it's only noon, and I'm exhausted. I'm even a little afraid of picking up my knitting needles, for fear of really screwing that up.

I think that, sometimes, during the week, I end up storing up so much emotion and energy that it all goes kablooey on the weekends. Maybe this is what's happening to me today, I dunno. I might go out later and start cutting back some of my shrubs... what could go wrong there?

This is in direct contrast to last weekend, when I breezed through two completed sleeves for my Green Gable Hoodie. I knitted the first one while watching Invictus, and the other the next day. I feared the Invictus one would be of much tighter tension than the other (rubgy is intense!), but it seems to be ok.

I'm on the main body now, and I'm hoping it will all work out alright, because my gauge is off and I'm not sure my calculations are right, but I guess, given how this day is going so far, it wouldn't be too much of a shocker. I have some backup plans just in case, but I'm hoping I won't have to use them.

So, the question is: should I try to make the pie I planned on making today? Hmm...


YarnKettle said...

Your sleeves look lovely! That color is just beautiful. It is always a bummer when your mojo leaves you.

AdrieneJ said...

I'm totally impressed by this yarn so far. After all the frogging I did when trying to get gauge, it has stayed intact, with barely any fuzz! I'm hoping the rest of the sweater goes as well.

YarnKettle said...

It still looks beautiful, I would not know that you had frogged it! Happy knitting.