Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Exorcism of the Camera

This week, I welcomed back my camera from the witchdoctors at Canon. They fixed the problem, free of charge. I must thank my hubby for actually taking the time to research the problem, because if I was left to my own devices, I would have started doing the research to by a new camera instead - after all, it is six years old. I thought it was just digital old age setting in.

Anyway, my hubby Google'd the words "canon camera pink" and found the following advisory from Canon:
It has been confirmed that the connecting parts of the internal wiring of the CCD used in affected products may become disconnected, especially if the affected products are stored or used in high-temperature and high-humidity environments. If this occurs, the signal is not output from the CCD normally in Shooting Mode, which may cause a distorted image or the absence of an image. This malfunction can be confirmed on the LCD monitor screen during shooting. The same malfunction also appears on the recorded image.

Effective immediately, and regardless of warranty status, Canon will repair, free of charge, the products listed above exhibiting the above-mentioned malfunction if Canon determines that the malfunction is caused by the CCD image sensor. Canon will also cover the cost of shipping and handling in connection with this repair.
So, a couple of weeks ago, we sent it off and crossed our fingers. We figured that, if it was found to have a problem separate from the one mentioned above, we'd just lose out on the cost of shipping the camera to them and start looking for a new one. Thankfully, the malfunction was found, they performed the exorcism, and back it came, safe and sound.

It was not a minute too soon, because I managed to clear out a couple of projects that have been sitting around unfinished. Behold, the Green Gable hoodie:

It was a bit of a struggle getting the zipper in. Ok, it wasn't a struggle... it was a battle of epic proportions between me and a bit of haberdashery, peppered with many four-letter words. After much pouting and stomping around the house, I sat down and reasoned it out and ended up with a reasonable approximation of a hoodie with a zipper. It ain't pro, but it'll do.

After I got the zipper in, I looked at the four and a half leftover skeins of wool and decided I may as well put in a couple of pockets. I used Elizabeth Zimmermann's Afterthought Pocket method from A Knitter's Almanac, where you mark where you want the centre of the poket opening to be, snip the yarn at that point, and unravel to the left and right. You pick up the stitches and knit a tube in the round, bind off both sides together in a three-needle bind off, and bim bam boom, you have a pocket! Works for mitten thumbs, too.

I also finished off my Gail shawlette, which is freshly blocked and ready to wear:

I never imagined how much I'd like those pointy little edges until I started pinning them down to block them. And I'm also really happy with the way the pattern shows off this variegated yarn, for which I have a particular weakness.

I still have one unfinished project sitting around, but it'll keep until I manage to find more yarn for it. Until then, I've started on Multnomah, a free pattern from It's another attempt to try to show off another variegated yarn I bought in weakness. It looks pretty good so far, but I'm only a couple of inches in and I've already ripped out a couple of inches of another pattern I tried to use it for. Fingers crossed that it passes.

Oh, and remember the Jacob ram yarn I mentioned in my previous post? Here's the yarn I wanted to show you:

Warm, cabled mittens, here I come!

Ah, I feel like I've got my eyeballs back. Thank you, Canon!


Joanne said...

#1--I love your zipper. IT looks great. It's just between you, me, and a couple of blogs that it took effort to take out a sewing machine...I totally get it!
#2--Artsjunktion doesn't need a membership, although I think they have them. You just show up when it's's around the corner of the Cre8tery, a little hard to find but near the loading dock...and have fun. I make a donation when I feel like I landed an enormous amount of loot for free.

Enjoy the Jacob wool! I have a lot of it--mostly unspun. I use it when teaching spinning classes to teach about colored fleeces, so alas, I can't enjoy it all on my own at once!

Sjömans-Elin said...

Real nice cardi! I like it a lot!