Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alright, if I have to give them away - how about a Giveaway?

It has suddenly dawned on me how close we are to the Christmas season. Seriously, only today did I realize that the annual socials, dinner parties and get-togethers are quickly approaching. Whoa. Where did the time go? And where did I put all those gifts I've been stashing all year???

Last night, I got to go over to a friend's house where a bunch of us got together to make handmade Christmas cards. It was a little session led by another friend's mom who brought all sorts of supplies and cool tools for us to make our cards with.

I've never really been one for papercrafts. Honestly, I never really saw the attraction. When I moved back to Canada from the UK four years ago, I saw all these scrapbooking shops and scrapbooking supplies and totally missed the point. "So, you cut and stick and put bits of paper together to decorate photos and albums. Why would I do that?"

When I started working at Michaels, I started to see where some of the joy might come from. Part of my job at Michaels was to demonstrate products, and, well, let's face it, that's FUN. And many of those tools were things that punch, cut, glue and press paper. How do I cut thee, piece of paper? Let me count the ways...

Still, I wasn't lining up at the scrapbooking shops to stock up on supplies.

Last night, it finally hit me.

Paper is FUN.

And what's more fun that paper? Stamps.

And what's more fun that stamps? GLITTER. Oh yeah, baby.

I still don't think I'll ever be a scrapbooker, but I did like the look of the cards I made last night. And, you know, I guess I could give them away. If I really, really, really liked that person. And if I knew that person really, really, really appreciated it.

Not all of these are greeting cards. This one is kind of a gift-holder, made with pieces of cardstock that are tied together to hold a couple of candycanes, or a piece of homebaked biscotti (if I made biscotti). Oh... I just thought of something: it could hold a skein of Louet Gems Fingering Weight Yarn. That'd totally work.

Well, it would for me, anyway.

Anyway, I made four of those gift-holders, and four of the black and white snowflake cards, and only one of the wreath cards, because it was getting late, and it doesn't do to fall asleep around double-sided tape and glitter.

So, I was thinking - if you'd like me to send you one of these cards, go ahead and leave me a comment and some way of getting in touch with you (website, Ravelry name, or emailaddress at whatever dot com). If I get more than a few comments, I'll randomly select four people and send them off. Tell me which one you'd like and if I choose you, I'll send it to you. Oh, and I can write a greeting in it, but if you'd rather I leave it blank, do let me know. I know what it's like to covet pretty stationery.

And well, if I don't get any comments, that's ok, too. (blink blink)

Cheers, and here's hoping I hear from you!


Loop said...

They are all so lovely but if I can only pick one I would like to claim the one with the black ribbon that says "Noel."

So pretty.

(PS It's Lisa!)

Loop said...

By the way, have I ever told you how much I enjoy reading your blog? Whenever I see that you post something I can't wait to sit back and read it.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! But I would expect nothing less from such a talented and creative person! :)

YarnKettle said...

Those are beautiful! As with all your work. I also agree with Loop, when I see a post of your's I settle in because I know I will enjoy it. And there is usually something that makes me laugh, I'm still giggling about sexy underwear under sweatpants.

SabrinaJL said...

I'm not entering my name in the drawing for these (though they are beautiful). The post just made me laugh because a friend of mine told me I should get into scrapbooking. This was before I was a knitter and I figured a hobby would be good. I went out and bought hundreds of dollars worth of scrapbooking supplies. I've made 6 scrapbook pages. I have used them to make lots of cards though.

AdrieneJ said...

@SabrinaJL: Thanks for stopping by! Yes, that's what I thought would happen to me if I got into scrapbooking. The proof of that would be all the jewelry-making supplies I've got from my old Etsy shop! We won't talk about the yarn stash, though...