Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ok, Enough Already

I've been working away on Kate Jackson's November Ruffle Wrap for a few weeks here, and it's been a pretty decent project, but I'm SO tired of it now. It's been a comedy of errors... but my sense of humour about this is waning right about now.

Firstly, I didn't buy the right kind of yarn for it. I bought the yarn on a spur of the moment shopping trip, and really didn't know what I should have been getting. It was supposed to be made with a strand of worsted and a strand of DK weight, but I ended up buying just the worsted weight and tried to get gauge using bigger needles.

The trouble is, the only needles big enough were part of my Denise Interchangeable set.

I have a love/hate/hate relationship with my Denise needles. They are, in theory, a great set of needles where you can change the sizes according to the gauge required, thus eliminating the need to buy many sets of circular needles of different sizes. Theory, good. Practice, frickin' annoying.

The cords and needles are attached to one another with a mechanism that locks them into place with a twist. That means that you just twist them on, and bam, you've got your circular needle at whatever length you want. The problem is, as easy as it is to join them together, it is just as easy for them to come apart, usually in the middle of a long stretch of stitches. This event is usually accompanied by a long string of cursing as you watch your work tumble off. I know someone who used them for lacework... that girl is a saint, if you ask me (dkzack, that's you!).

So, time and time again, the work fell off my needles, and time and time again, I put the stitches back on.

I made it to the edge and started working on the ruffle section. This is where logic (stupid logic!) failed me. I just did not calculate the amount of yarn required properly, and ended up with a slightly shorter ruffle - four inches instead of five. I thought, Meh. It looks good. I'll just cast off now.

Aaaaaand ran out of yarn six inches away from the end.

So, the rest of my evening has been spent ripping out stitches and placing them back on my annoying Denise needles. At least I'll have a bit more yarn to make a stretchier bind off. I considered pulling them all back to the stockinette section and trying to make another inch of ruffle, but you know what?

Sometimes, you just have to know when enough's enough.

Sigh for now...


YarnKettle said...

It just hurts your heart sometimes doesn't it? Other times it just hurts your brain more.

Unknown said...

Aw that is so sweet! :) It'll look beautiful when you finish it and has a story attached to it now as well!

AdrieneJ said...

I got it done eventually! I have yet to take some photos. Hopefully, there will be some good daylight when I get back to take them.