Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It Rocks Slightly to the Right

I was wandering around town on Monday afternoon, killing between appointments with the gods that work at the bank. I'm not often in the shops in our little town, since they tend to close by the time I finish work, and I tend to prefer the comfort of home on the weekends. I always enjoy it, though, because there's always a few interesting things to look at. It's always the times when you don't really need anything when you find interesting things.

I ended up looking around the local charity secondhand store. Occasionally, I score a few balls of yarn there, usually forgotten balls of sock wool or crochet cotton. Once, I got a ball of handspun purple yarn, all wound in a cake. Another time, I got a bunch of white laceweight yarn, acrylic, I think, also wound neatly into a cake, waiting for me to do something with it (and it still is waiting, come to think of it... ahem...).

This time, I toyed with the idea of buying the little cappuccino machine there, until I remembered that I don't have a VCR to play the instructional video for it. I also thought about the lovely Corningware pot in the window, but I figured there would be another one down the road when my current Dutch oven finally bites the dust, which probably won't be for another few years. And then, I found a basket.

It was willow basket, with a few bits starting to fall off it. The price tag was $2.00. Aw, what do I need a basket for? Don't come home with junk, I thought to myself.

I walked around the corner and found a set of hair straighteners for $3.00. Hey, that'll work, I thought to myself. My eyes glanced back to the previous aisle, and I thought, Well, I'll just have another wander down here...

And well, the basket ended up being my carrying receptacle for the rest of the afternoon.

When I got it home, I gave the basket a rinse in the bathtub to wash out the cobwebs and set it out on the deck to dry in the springtime sun. I took Rascal out for a walk, and by the time I got back, it was dry.

I knew I wanted it to hold some of the yarn that is slowly taking over my house. I figured that, if it's going to be lying around, I may as well enjoy looking at it. And, besides, I had some yarn stashed behind my sewing basket that needed somewhere to live... we won't talk about how it ended up back there...

Anyway, I have no experience in lining baskets. I spent about half an hour trying to sew a lining in through the branches, but I just didn't have the patience or the skill for it. But, what I lack in skill, I make up for in persistence. I went down to the basement for my glue gun, and ended up glueing some fabric into place. I then crocheted a cord out of some white Red Heart yarn held in a double strand by making a long chain, then slip-stitching all the way back to the beginning. It's just as nice as an i-cord, but much easier for me. That cord was glued into place to hide the ugly edges between the fabric and the edge of the basket.

And, there you have it: a basket for my habit.

It was only after I filled it with some yarn that I realized that it rocks slightly to the right... but it depends on the way you look at it. I don't think you can tell from these photos.

Today, after I walked Rascal, I realized my right foot was a bit sore. I think my shoes are a bit wonky...

I guess I rock slightly to the right, too. Huh, go figure.


YarnKettle said...

Baskets were made to contain yarn, or at least in my world they were made for that. Now I will have to take pictures and show you my basket of yarn. Unfortunately mine did not come with a good story like your's did.
Oh the rock to the right just means that it was not mass produced, or if it was mass produced it had just a bit of individuality that asserted itself.

AdrieneJ said...

Yes, you MUST take pictures of your basket. You can't just mention it and leave me salivating!