Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Reverie

A poem from a younger me...

Striding through a canvas world,
Trail of ashes lead to him;
Listen to floating song,
Smiling for a day.
Hearing legends fall and rise,
Feeling breath from singer’s lips,
Weeping tears of grief
and awe
Of what cannot be real.

Sleep in sheets of porcelain,
Laugh in colours, blue and gold,
Stir the drink of confidence,
Sipping all day through.
Watch him build a picket fence,
Quiet hammer, tapping brush
Souls commune in silence
A green and yellow Sunday.

Walk by cliffs and follow close,
Knowing who has mattered minds,
Silver pools on golden land;
Trust the moon and stars.
Standing near a beating heart,
Whisper things too bold to yell,
Watch the eye that watches
Bubble reverie.

- AJ

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