Friday, May 20, 2011

The Contenders

Here's the problem with being a one-project-at-a-time person: my brain won't stop working.

My eyes are on my work. I am watching each stitch form, one at a time, but my brain is flitting around like a butterfly, landing on idea after idea about what I will do next. Some people call that lack of focus, lack of commitment.

I call it fun. Crazy, but fun.

I'm nearing the end of knitting a Krista Tee (meaning that it'll probably be done late next week), and I am starting to get excited about what I will work on next. My criteria for the next project are:
  1. I want a quick project
  2. I don't want to worry too much about gauge.
Which pretty much means I will be making a shawlette. Do I need another shawlette?

What kind of silly question is that to ask?

I had a look through some of my bookmarked favourites in Ravelry and narrowed it down to a few ideas. Here are the contenders:

Mizzle - using pink/melon/cantaloupe-coloured Pico Accuardi

198 yards of heaven - using Blue Ridge Yarns Cotton Candy in Evening Jewel

Semele - using Twist, Yarns of Intrigue Sock Yarn

It's a tough choice, and while it's not really going to be a life-changing decision, it's not going to be easy to choose one of these lovely projects and which of these beautiful skeins of yarn to play with next.

I thought I'd try spin the bottle, but I ended up drinking the beer instead.

I thought I'd get Rascal to choose, but he was emphatically uninterested.

I'm so eager to get started... I only wish I could knit more quickly so that I could enjoy each of these as soon as possible! I love that each of these yarns are handdyed treasures, and no matter which I choose first, each one is going to bring me great pleasure as I feel it slipping through my fingers.

In the spirit of democracy, I think I'll likely go for whichever yarn I end up picking up most this weekend. The only problem with THAT is that I can easily fit all three skeins in my hand at once!

If you feel like helping me out with this dilemma, feel free to comment and leave your opinion about which one you'd choose. The only fear I have with that is that someone will suggest an entirely new idea for me to mull over.

Oh, indecision... thy name is Adriene...


  1. I will not complicate things for you by suggesting another pattern. I really like option 3. Don't get me wrong they are all beautiful but the third one is the first one I want to see. Have you done that type of shawl before? It sounds interesting. If we are going for win, place, show; I would order them option 3,1,2.
    Do you really only knit one thing at a time? As a multiple knitter it is beyond my imagination, but you do such lovely work that we know it works for you!
    Wow guess I am chatty today :)

  2. Hehe, yes, chatty, but at least you are talking! I'm leaning towards number three as well, since it's so unusual. I can't say I've done anything quite like it before, but I did knit Saroyan which is a similar shape.

    And yeah, I'm a one project-at-a-time knitter. I get twitchy if I have too many things on the go!

  3. I also adjusted the photo for option 3 because it was a bit too saturated. It looks more true to life now.

  4. Though the second option's colours catch my eye the most, I really love the pattern of the Semele the best! I also found your post quite amusing :p and it's too bad your little friend wasn't a better decision-maker for you, hehe.

    Good luck, and I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful!

  5. Ooo, yes... the colours of that second yarn are delicious, and whenever I do get working on it, I know I'll be watching the colours as they emerge with lots of interest!