Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thoughts Whilst Unraveling

  1. This yarn looks like mouldy ramen noodles after its been unraveled.
  2. If I'd knit this in one piece, I'd be unraveling twice as much.
  3. If I'd knit this in one piece, I probably wouldn't need to unravel it.
  4. I probably wouldn't need to unravel this if I wasn't so much of a hussy.
  5. Counting to 50 is much harder than counting to 49.
I'm still plugging away at my Krista Tee. I'd predicted that I would be finished sometime this weekend, and I was close. I finished the sleeves this afternoon, and decided to block them so that the edges were flat before I sewed them on. After I'd pinned them out, I decided to sew the front and back of the top at the shoulders and have them ready for the sleeves to be sewn on tomorrow.

Well, maybe not.

I slipped my head through the neckhole and stood in front of the mirror, holding the sides closed, turning left and right, checking to see if everything was fitting as it should. I had decided to knit in some bust darts to make sure there was room for "the girls," and I wanted to make sure they were hitting in the right place. And they were, but the neckline was a tad high.

Ok, not a tad. More like almost up to my chin. What the...?

I pulled the front down, to where I thought it should hit, but the back shot up to reveal the small of my back. I went and found some pins and pinned the sides together to see if I just wasn't seeing how this top would truly sit, and well... yeah. The neckline was just too high. Not an inch too high, but a few inches.

Now, let me just get this straight: I don't need to show off cleavage in every top, but I just knew that if I didn't lower this neckline, it would like like I'd knit my own hospital scrubs from the 80s. And, as much as I've enjoyed a few episodes of General Hospital in my time, I'm just not going for that look.

So, I've unraveled the front past the armholes and am now working on fixing the neckline. Luckily, even though I'd woven all the ends of my yarn in, it wasn't too much of a headache unraveling. It's just a bummer that I'm going to be working on this for at least another week. I'm getting tired of it, but hopefully it'll all be worthwhile.

One project at a time. Sigh...


  1. I think that is the major reason I am a multiple knitter. I get stuck on something and drop it like a hot potato. I'm sure you will stick with it and have something you enjoy very soon!

  2. I've made myself promise to finish the neckline and half of armholes tonight! Here's hoping!