Thursday, June 16, 2011

Comfort Yarn

All those that love a grilled cheese sandwich on a cold, rainy day, raise your hands now.

Yeah, me too. Nothin' quite like comfort food, huh? I know, it's bad for you, but sometimes you just need to feel the rush of a bit of the bad stuff going through you when you're having a bad day.

Yarn does the same for me. When I'm having a tough time, sometimes all I want to do is pull out some of my stash and place it around me in a protective circle of loveliness. Some of my friends (in fact, most of my yarn friends) have voiced the idea that you need a bit of emergency yarn in your desk when you're having one of those days that just won't let up. For example:

Scenario #1: The boss phones up and asks you for a report you thought you didn't need to write until next week. You open up a word processing document and place this in front of you to touch between each paragraph: 85% baby alpaca and 15% bombyx silk in laceweight by Alpaca Plus - soft, cool to the touch and smooth as... well, silk.

Scenario #2: You organize an event for a bunch of bigwigs, and instead of arriving on time, they arrive in trickles... one by one, milling around looking at their smartphones while you're looking at the clock because you know you only have them for a limited time before someone whisks them away to another event. You stuff this ball into your pocket to hold as you watch the door: Malagbrigo Superwash Merino in Cote d'Azur, fingering weight.

Scenario 3#: You book a bunch of meetings. The participants of five out of the ten meetings you booked phone all on the same day to say they can't make it, and each gives you two more dates and times they would prefer. You place this on the desk for you to rest your forehead on while your brain spins inside your skull: madelinetosh lace in Nebula... fantastically mesmerizing colour.

Scenario #4: Your dog, who was perfectly healthy all day, decides just before bedtime that it's time to go down to the basement to revisit his dinner... from both ends. It's time for the big guns. You bring out this yarn to clutch in your hands as you try to sleep while listening intently all night for any further retchings: A monster skein of 999metres of fingering weight Blue Faced Leicester by Fleece Artist. This is a great one to unwind and drape around your neck, like a perfect merino stole of happiness.

I know: It's only yarn. But you know what?

1) It's cheaper than therapy.
2) It's safer than tranquilizers.
3) It's darn wonderful stuff.

Ahhhh... comfort.


  1. Pass the yarn please I think I may need it next week, my bosses have been out of the office this week and it was a doozy. Is it wrong to covet your blog-friend's yarn? I'm sorry but those colors are just calling my name!
    Yet another lovely post from you!

  2. It's not wrong... I'm still eyeing up that Apple Rose and Crimson Rosebud on your blog!

  3. Amen, sister. Whenever I need stress relief, I think about what's on my hook! Yarn represents hope, things to come and the power to create. Those hanks of yarn are beautiful!

  4. Fantastic, Martha - yarn represents things to come and the power to create. What a powerful quote!