Friday, June 10, 2011

Prepping for the Tribe

Do you KIP/CIP? Do you wanna? You should. Everyone's doing it tomorrow.

KIP means Knit In Public, and CIP (if you haven't already worked it out) means Crochet In Public. These are activities I do pretty much every single day, but for some people, it's not the norm. I suppose it might have something to do with self-consciousness of being seen doing a "matronly" thing. Or maybe it's just not cool. Or maybe it's just not convenient, I dunno.

Tomorrow, June 11, is World Wide Knit in Public Day, and some friends and I are heading into the city to go and check out an event organized by The Calgary Foundation in honour of this day. It also happens to coincide with The Loop's Yarn Store Grand Opening, and the Hand Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild conference. It's a veritable yarn nerd's paradise!

Earlier this week, I started working on the Semele shawl, but about 30 rows in, I realized I'd made a big mistake, and decided to bail out before the shawl got too big. Luckily, I had only managed to knit a small corner of the shawl by this point. Rather than starting over, I figured that I should find a project to take with me for KIP Day that would allow me to hold a conversation whilst knitting, rather than spending my time squinting at a chart and muttering quietly to myself as I normally do when I start a new lace project.

That'll be easy, I thought. I'll just use some of that organic cotton that's been sitting in my basket and whip something up.

That was two days ago. Easier said than done.

This weakness of mine for variegated yarns is well-documented in this blog, but it's seriously starting to get me in trouble. I'm forever searching for projects to make these pretty skeins of yarn work without looking like clown vomit, and well... it's frustrating.

I tried two different projects:

Holding Hands Feeding Ducks, a star stitch pattern. I worked about four rows and then decided it wasn't working with these colours.

The Step Ribbed Stole, a ribbed pattern. I would have continued with this if I'd cast on more stitches, but I think that the ribbing was getting lost in the colours, and it wouldn't have been worth carrying on.

This morning, while swimming, my mind wandered through images of things I'd seen made with variegated cotton yarns. Then, I thought of the famous Baby Surprise Jacket. (Apologies for all the links, but I don't have permission to use any of the photos.)

What's so great about this pattern is that the lines of the jacket change directions at strong angles, breaking up the colours of variegated yarn into interesting shapes. I knew I didn't want to make the jacket (at least, not right now), but I did want to take advantage of the idea of using that same kind of textured stitch (garter stitch) and the strong angles.

I've decided to put together a throw blanket using the stitch pattern for Not a Celebrity Scarf, and some mitered squares. I don't normally make blankets, but this beautiful soft yarn is just crying out to be cuddled on a cold day. I'm only a few rows in, but I'm liking the result so far. And the best part?

It's so freaking easy!

I wonder if I'll be the only knitter there who stressed about what project to bring along? I have a feeling I won't be, but I don't know if anyone would admit it.

Ah, but who cares. I can't wait to sit with other members of my tribe tomorrow!

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