Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Three Amigos, Part Three: The Weird Thing

If you looked at my last post, you would have seen the pretty photo I posted just before I went rushing off for my fibre dyeing class on Monday. The truth is, I just popped it up because it was one of my favourite photos and I just wanted to have something to share for Inspiration Mondays.

Now for the weird thing.

On Monday, the Three Amigos went off to Olds College for our Dyeing to Try It class, where we would learn how to dye yarn and roving for the first time. Ever since we'd seen in advertised in the class brochure earlier this spring, we knew were destined to be there. It was fun, fun, fun... and very vinegar-y (it's used to set the dye). I felt what it must be like to be fish and chips.

That's not the weird thing.

We learned how to do rainbow dyeing (where you sprinkle/squirt dye into the yarn as it sits in water in a crock pot), injection dyeing (injecting colour into balls of yarn), we dyed roving in a pot, and we also did some yarn painting and immersion dyeing. My brain was tired by halfway through the afternoon, and it didn't help that I hadn't had much sleep. Luckily, dkzack and Tara were raring to go all day, so I'm sure they picked up any information I might have missed. All in all, we walked away with four skeins of yarn each, and a two foot piece of dyed roving each. We also took home seven, count 'em, SEVEN jars of dye that were mixed up during class and were not being taken home by other class members. We scored well.

So, we drove back to town that evening, and dkzack and I roared off to show our faces at a goodbye party for a friend, while Tara quite sensibly went home to her family. dkzack and I were both exhausted at the end of the night. I barely got my yarn out of its bag to set them up on the counter to finish drying, and then I managed to get showered before crawling into bed.

So, here's the weird thing.

Check out the colours I dyed my yarn.

Now check out the photo I posted the other day. In fact, click on it so you can see it enlarged.

Notice anything?

Blue like the water, purple like the sky, even the russet of the sunrise.

It's not like I didn't dye anything else that day, or that there weren't any other colours available. I helped to dye two yellow and blue/green skeins that Tara and dkzack took home. I elected to take home an undyed one instead. It's like my brain was programmed earlier that day for those colours.


In case you're wondering, that photo was taken at sunrise at a friend's house on Lummi Island in Washington state. We were sleeping in their living room which had a view out to the water. I got up that morning to make a trip to the bathroom, and this is what I saw when I headed back to bed. I knew then and there that that is where I wanted to be. Someday, I will find a home like that.

Until then, I guess I'll live that view out in my yarn.


  1. Wow to have a home like that on the water, I don't think I would see my husband for weeks at a time.
    Your yarn and roving is lovely. Too bad your brain when into off mode, but luckily you have friends that can fill in the gaps.
    I am like that too when I'm tired my brain just closes up shop. Nope not going to learn anymore today. Must be why I've only taken shorter workshops and classes.

  2. Yeah, I think maybe the next time I take a full day class out of town, I'll stay the night before so that I don't have to worry about getting enough sleep and getting up early enough to get to the class. Even if I didn't sleep enough, I would be able to go back to my room and grab a quick nap before going back!

  3. I was like that on my first Rhinebeck trip; up early and totally excited. There was so much to take in! Then I ran on fumes for an hour or two. I made it but I have learned a lesson in enjoyment too.