Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tour de Fleece Update

It's been about a week since I started the Tour de Fleece, and this is my progress so far:

That's about 50% of the alpaca/merino blend I started last week. It's not bad for spinning at least 20 minutes a day. I took it off the spindle today and rolled it into a ball in preparation for plying it when I get the second half done.

I've been visiting a lot of other blogs belonging to people who are also spinning for TDF, and most of them are wheel spinners, a handful spindlers. I can't help but feel a bit inadequate when I see the quantity others are spinning. All I can think is:

a) I need to spin for longer each day.
b) Maybe it's time to think about getting a wheel.
c) It might be time to quit my job so I can spend more time playing with this stuff.

While the third option is attractive, it's not exactly practical. I figure that, if I keep at it, I can be just as quick. It's not helping that I'm still working on my blanket (this thing is never gonna be done), but I intend to step it up a bit and spin for a little longer each day.

Oh, and I managed to take a photo to prove the date:

Keep on pedaling!


  1. I think it is normal to want to accomplish more with our crafts, and I understand wanting to have the finished project. Sometimes I want to be a faster knitter, but then I remind myself that what I really want to do is enjoy myself. If you're enjoying your tour time, you're getting enough done.
    Oh and your yarn looks great too! It looks consistent, if I'm using that word the right way. Keep spinning, I'm loving the pictures.

  2. Lovely spinning! It's so even and consistent, and the yarn just looks beautiful. I spin using a spindle too, and sometimes I wish I could spin as fast as a wheel, but spindle spinning is its own thing, and it's fun just the way it is. It might take longer, but it's easier to pick up and put down than setting up a wheel, and it gets done eventually. Although option c does sound good ;)