Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Bit of In-Between

Finishing my Semele shawl was a bit like doing a really good yoga practice: tough at times, but with careful examination and lots of deep breathing, I did it. It was good to stretch those mind-muscles. I love those complex projects.

After that, I decided that I was due to do a project with a little less yoga and a little more... couch potato. Something that was fun, but not too boring. I thought I deserved it.

When I lived in Northern Ireland, I learned a new word (I actually learned lots of words, but we can talk about that another time). The word was: mizzle.

"Mizzle? What's that?" I asked the first time I heard it.

"Ock, you know," the lady who uttered it said. "It's not mist. It's not drizzle. It's in-between. Ya know. Mizzle."

You get a lot of mizzle in Northern Ireland. It's the reason it's so green (it's also the reason I had such good hair there. Volume galore!).

Imagine my surprise at seeing a pattern called Mizzle on Ravelry. It's the perfect name: not too easy, not too difficult.

It's right in-between.

Here's mine in progress:

It's been a good, quick knit, and I think I'll probably have it done by the end of the weekend. We'll see how long it takes me to get through those hundreds of rib stitches - they always lull me into a false sense of ease. I'm loving the beautiful coral pink of this yarn from Pico Accuardi. I got it during my last trip to L.A., and I remember seeing it and just neeeeeeeeeding it.

You can't deny that kind of neeeeeeeeed.

So, while I watch yet another thunderstorm roll past, I'll sit here and knit away at my Mizzle and recall my mizzly days in Northern Ireland. Green hills, good hair and good craic.

You can look that word up yourself. *wink*


  1. Mizzle looks perfect. I am going to guess craic is Irish whisky (or whiskey). Which ever spelling is correct I still can not drink it.

  2. Mizzle? I LOVE it! What a brilliant word. i can't wait to use it. Thanks! And loving the pink coral colour btw.

  3. @YarnKettle: Craic just means a good time. Eg) you go to the pub for some craic.

    @Sarah: I challenge you to use that word the next time it... mizzles. ;)