Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to Buy a Ball of Yellow Yarn

Yesterday morning, I stood waiting at my front door, Rascal standing next to me. I had my purse, my knitting bag, a bottle of water, and a couple of granola bars, my jacket on, my shoes on my feet and my Fagus shawl around my neck. I'd had a nice, warm breakfast of oatmeal and a banana. I looked out the front window, looking at the frosty grass and the sun warming the chilly air.

A couple of weeks back, my friend, Tara, informed me and dkzack that it was International Yarn Day (or something like that) on October 13 (or something like that) and that we should honour it by making a trip into the city for some yarn appreciation (or something like that).

Well, who were we to ignore a holiday like that?

So, on a frosty Saturday morning, we left town with four excited ladies (we have a new recruit, Susan), and we headed off with plans to appreciate yarn as much as possible. We thought we'd hit a few yarn shops. I had plans to get some fabric to line a the dragon hats I've been working on, as well as to find some yellow yarn to make the eyes for them. We brought projects on the needles in our bags, but mostly chatted all the way. dkzack brought a plethora of things to show us: yarn and fibre that we had not previously had the chance to fondle and sigh over. She very kindly allowed me to sit with one of her bags so that I could admire them as much as possible during the drive in.

I had to constantly remind myself that I needed to get that yellow yarn. I needed it to get this project done this week. Yellow yarn, yellow yarn, yellow yarn...

We managed to fit in visits to two yarn shops during our visit. It was interesting to note how differently the four of us perused the wares.

I like to call my style "The Traveler." I'm a yarn shopper that needs to concentrate and walk around a lot. I need to visit each shelf at least three or four times before I commit to even picking up a skein to carry around. My eyes scan the shelves carefully for anything that is begging for my attention, or for colours that fit projects that I've been yearning to make.

dkzack is "The Conflicted Artist." She finds colours and carries them around, trying to plan out what she'll do with them, her love of the yarn in conflict with its practical use. We often end up in discussion about which ones she should choose. My advice is often simple: "Buy it." That's usually the advice she takes!

Tara is "The Consultant." If you ask her, "What do you think of this?" she is the one helps you think it through. Would those colours work together? Does this combination deaden the richness of the colour? Is there something else that would work better? Do you think that fibre might be too warm/cool/slippery/rough? She talked me out of taking home a boring colour combo and helped inspire me to find something much better.

Our new friend, Susan is "The Collector." It's wonderful to watch her. She wanders through the store, asking lots and lots of questions, collecting armfuls of skeins of yarn, and after a while, she finds a spot to plonk herself down to sort through them. I loved watching her group them around her in piles, figuring out which would go home with her for sure, which were beautiful, but not quite right, and which ones she might have to come back for another time. Fascinating!

In the end, we came home with lots and lots of goodies. We even squeezed in a visit to a Michaels where I distributed my extra printed coupons to everyone so that we could all enjoy ourselves in there. I didn't buy any yarn there, but I did get some art supplies and felt squares (because it's impossible to find in this town), as well as some gifts for Christmas. The others brought home art canvases, kits, paintbrushes... all sorts of fun stuff. I nearly went home with some decorative Duck Tape, but restrained myself at the last moment!

It was a happy, happy day. I kept looking back at the hatch of the jeep and smiling at all the wares that were packed back there. It was soooooo nice to be in a vehicle full of art and craft and friends.

Oh, and the yellow yarn? I didn't have to buy any, because dkzack found some in her stash at home and let me have it. Yay! Way to take the responsibility out of a fun yarn day!

Man, I love my friends!

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  1. Yaaaay it was an AWESOME day!!! As always, thank you for your assistance with the yarn "mulling!" :D