Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspiration Mondays: It's Cliché, But There You Go

I try to write about unique and interesting things that make people think in these Monday posts. I don't like to go with the obvious things that are going on, like holidays or trends or things like that. I like to respond to things I've seen online or on the news, things I've heard people say or things that have been on my mind. Today, I just couldn't avoid it.

I want to write about fall. The season, not the verb.

I much prefer the term autumn, just because there's something so poetic and beautiful about that word. As a season, it has all the things I like: warm days, cool, but cozy evenings, the opportunity to wear sweaters and shawls (I knit, for heaven's sake. I need to wear these things sometime!), and the colours... man, the colours...

These are the colours that my eyes search out each time I walk into a yarn shop, a clothing store, or even an art supply store. It's deep red, forest green, purple so dark you can get lost in it, and gold, pure gold...

I was swimming at the local pool yesterday, and every time I glanced out of the windows, I was met with pure gold... leaves that seemed to glow yellow, reflecting even more light from the bright sun that was shining. I thought of the sunflowers back home in Manitoba, how they would be ready for harvest, and how much I used to love wearing sunflower patterns. It makes me think of those chilly Sunday mornings when the sun ceases to be an oppressive force to be avoided at all costs, and instead becomes a source of warmth that my doggie and I can bask in on the couch.

A quick search for the word "autumn" in Ravelry brings up some beautiful patterns, many of which already reside in my queue:
I'm no fool. I know that winter is just around the corner and that I'll be longing for the summer heat and the long, light-filled days. Autumn seems like the shortest season of them all, but it's my season, and it is soaking into all of my pores as we speak. It's cliché, but there you go. I plan to enjoy every minute, every hour...

Oh, and you know, it also helps that this is also the season where the clocks move back an hour, and we all get another hour to sleep. Colour, shmolour, if that's not enough to like a season, what more could there be?

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