Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mission Ballwinder: Report from the Front

Mission: Ballwinder
Report by: Agent Yarn Smoosher

Monday 1800: After reconnaissance mission the week before, Agent Yarn Smoosher secured the location of a ballwinder in Knit n' Caboodle Yarn Shop in Canmore, Alberta. Resources: committed.

Saturday 0900 hrs: Agent left base quarters in vehicle with Agents Hubster and Wolfpup. All equipment and supplies were packed early.

0915: Scheduled stop at flooring shop. Completed by 1030hrs. Agent Wolfpup began navigation duties. Agent Yarn Smoosher operated vehicle until next scheduled stop.

1130: All agents stopped for scheduled pee break at rest stop outside of Airdire, Alberta. Agent Wolfpup requested permission to hunt squirrels in the park. Permission was denied. Wolfpup's attitude began degeneration.

1230: Scheduled food stop. Wolfpup took security post while all other agents consumed assigned Arby's and Greek food.

1345: All agents arrived in Canmore. Vehicle was parked at agreed upon location and all agents exited. Wolfpup began scentmarking procedures while Yarn Smoosher proceeded to target location. Hubster accompanied Wolfpup on his mission.

1400: Ballwinder located in target location. Mission was almost compromised by several obstacles of fibrey nature. Both outside agents temporarily lost contact with Yarn Smoosher.

1420: Ballwinder secured after intense negotiations with Secret Agent Yarn Hoarder aka Yarn Smoosher's alter ego. Yarn Hoarder released the ballwinder after Smoosher agreed to take home three skeins of Shi Bui sock yarn in Mulberry colourway.

1421: Mission almost compromised again by unforeseen complication: Yarn Smoosher was awarded a free $20 gift certificate as a result of random selection. Yarn Smoosher was released from the premises after agreeing to take home one skein of Bohoyarns Fingering Weight Yarn in Fraggle colourway.

1425: Agent Wolfpup was awarded with a new squeaky toy and chicken treats from the Mut Hut Pet Shop for completing a successful scent marking exercise. Agent Hubster was awarded with a cup of tea for supervision of Wolfpup's activities.

1515: All agents proceeded to next locations: bank machine and art supply store. Wolfpup was not scheduled to assist in either activities and attempted to thwart the main mission by trying to destroy the target ballwinder and one skein of yarn. Attempt was unsuccessful, but damage was detected on some packaging. Wolfpup received reprimand from Agent Yarn Smoosher and was sent to the backseat for the remainder of the mission.

1545: All agents arrived at assigned rest location. Ballwinder is tested and works perfectly. Agent Yarn Smoosher takes photographic evidence of the successful mission.

1600: Agent Yarn Smoosher revokes Wolfpup's reprimand and awards him with several cuddles. After several attempts to photograph Wolfpup's cuteness, Yarn Smoosher resigns to sharing this photo of the agent in another cute position.

Mission successful. Report submitted for approval: 10/22/2011


  1. Hehe, I love how you set this up! Yay for knitting supplies and equipment!

  2. Thanks! I thought I would be able to leave the shop with only the planned ballwinder, but you know how it is... ;)

  3. Report approved! I would like to read more reports of this nature. Secret Agent Yarn Hoarder may be my favorite.

  4. I shall keep you posted of any further missions!