Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eavesdropping on Yarn Gossip

White yarn: So, here we are. Another Sunday on the dining table.

Green yarn: Yep.

Evilla Colour-changing yarn: How long do you think we'll have to sit here?

White yarn: I dunno. I only just got here on the table. She re-wound me last week after I sat in the basket for two years all tangled up.

Green yarn: What kind of yarn are you, anyway?

White yarn: I think I'm acrylic. I don't really know. I lived at the Salvation Army before I came here.

Evilla: Ghastly. I'm from Estonia, you know.

Green yarn: As if anyone knows where that is...

White yarn: Whoa! What happened to that guy?

Evilla: That's one of her first attempts at using the ballwinder. She wound it a bit too loosely, and she needed to stick that toilet paper roll through his guts to keep him from falling apart.

Green yarn: Gross. I think I'm gonna be sick.

White yarn: You do look a little green... *snicker*

Green yarn: She looks kinda rough.

White yarn: She came with me. She's also from the Salvation Army. We don't know what she is or where she's from. We call her Amnesia.

Evilla: Poor thing. No pedigree. Just a mutt of a yarn.

Green yarn: I wouldn't say that. You never know. She might end up being a real gem of a yarn.

Evilla: Pah! Such a low-grade thing, unlike me. I am from Estonia, you know.

Green and white yarn: We know...

Green yarn: Who is that?

Evillia: That's that fancy silk blend she got a couple of years ago at Olds Fibre Festival. She hasn't even been wound yet.

White yarn: I bet she uses her before me. I saw her walking around with her the other day.

Green yarn: That seems fair. I think she's been here since before us.

Evilla: No! I was here first! And I have much more yardage and have been sitting here wound in a cake for a much longer time than her! I am tired of being put aside and forgotten here on the dining table!

White yarn: You know, you're right. We should do something about this. We should try to get her attention... make her notice us! Shake her up a bit!

Green yarn: Uh, guys?

Evilla and white yarn: What?

Green yarn: None of us have arms or legs. How are we going to do this?


White yarn: You and your dumb ideas, Evilla.

Evilla: How dare you talk to me like that! I am from...

Green and white yarn: We KNOW!



  1. Wow, you tell a great story! Funny!
    Watch out for that Estonian yarn though, I think she is up to something.

  2. I know... I'm sure I can hear an indignant sniff every time I walk by her!