Saturday, December 17, 2011

For Dramatic Poses Only

Drama is action, sir, and not confounded philosophy. - Luigi Pirandello
How often do you get the "paralysis by analysis" syndrome? You know, when you overthink how to do things to the point that nothing gets done? It's my pet peeve... talking, without saying anything, discussion, without ever reaching a conclusion.

My own brain got in the way of getting photos of this shawl until today. I'd been spending a lot of time trying to think of some new way to take my photos. I thought, I should do an outdoor shot for a change. I could rig my tripod and camera, wear my new coat, pose in front of the shrubbery.... What will I do if it's cold? How will I check the shots? Should I let Rascal come out with me? Can I get him to pose?

Well, it turns out that simple is best. Just do it. Quit talking, Adriene... let the shawl do it for you.

So, here, finally, after months of work and after putting it aside to work on other things, here is my Sugar Snap Shawl made with Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace Multi, 50% wool, 50% silk. Finished size is about 7 feet long and about 24 inches wide.I am very, very happy with it. I never dreamed it would be so beautiful, like carved wood batik stamps.

Of course, I did have to try something different. I tried taking photos in the bedroom, hair freshly washed, shiny earrings, dramatic pose:

Hey, it kinda worked. I like wearing it, but... what if it only looks good in dramatic poses like this?

Man, something tells me I'm gonna have a sore neck for the next few days...

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