Monday, December 12, 2011

Inspiration Mondays: A Bit of Clarity

I'm a worrier. There's no point talking me out of it. I worry. Sometimes, I feel like, if there's a problem that needs solving, I NEED TO WORRY ABOUT IT EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY UNTIL I CAN FIX IT.

That, of course, is totally ridiculous. Worry never solved a problem, nor did it ever bring about a creative thought. It just brings about anxiety and poor sleep, and it drives away good thoughts and good friends. Maybe it's good for bringing attention to problems, but it certainly doesn't do anything about it.

I had a weird Sunday yesterday. I had a night full of nightmares about work... the same horrible things going wrong, getting worse all the time... and I woke up feeling horrible. Then, I worried. I made lists in my head of things that were wrong, things that needed work, things I needed to fix. Then, I dwelt on them. Then, I started to worry about what others thought about my ability to fix these things.

Then, I ate a bunch of fudge. Sigh.

This morning, everything came clear, and all was well, just as it always is. It's strange how easy it can be to lose perspective when you are a worrier.

There's no use telling a worrier not to worry. It does help, though, to say, "Things will be better in the morning."

As I drove along to an appointment today, I looked at the landscape around me. There was a slight fog, a little bit of blowing snow. Unclear. Vague.

And then, the sun came out, and there was clarity, and perspective. And it was beautiful.

I'm practicing perspective and reaching clarity. Today, I was reminded that it is possible, and that, when you allow your mind to be clear, you can see beautiful things.

How sad it would be if I'd missed out on it today.

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  1. Ah your cold wind swept pictures are making me homesick. Thanks for showing off your perspective. We all need a bit extra at times.