Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not Just For Egg Salad

There are four things that you need to make an excellent egg salad sandwich:
  1. Nice, fresh bread
  2. Miracle Whip (or other mayonnaise with a pinch of sugar)
  3. Farm fresh eggs
  4. A good sprinkle of paprika on top
The paprika really makes it for me. No paprika, and it's just not the same.

I'm knitting my first sweater of 2012, Andiomena's Moody which is the adult version of her child's sweater, Cinnamon. I first saw it on G+ on someone's "must knit" list, and I liked it a lot as soon as I saw it.

I've had a ton (well, maybe about a pound or two) of yarn I had ordered last year from that was still waiting for me to use. It's Patons Classic Wool in Paprika.

It even looks good with eggs!

I had originally ordered it to make CanarySanctuary's Corona, but I slowly fell out of love with it the pattern. Then, I thought I'd make indigirl's Slow Curve with it, until my friend, dkzack, pointed out that it was very like another sweater I'd made almost a year and a half ago. I might still make it, but maybe with a yarn with more depth and more shades of colour.

So, I've been working away on Moody, and really haven't made it that far. I've been having a discussion with the pattern designer about some of the instructions, and we've both agreed that there are a couple that need tweaking. Luckily, she was glad of the feedback, but this discussion has held me back a bit in terms of progress.

The longer I work with this yarn, however, the more I am enjoying the colour. It has a richness in it that I really didn't expect to find. I had a hard time capturing the colour in the photo, but when I get the sweater done, I'll be sure to photograph it in natural light. I feel sure that the Paprika is really going to make this sweater pop.

Meanwhile, in other news, I have been breaking my yarn diet with great fervor. I've been watching skein after skein of beautiful yarn appear at At Knits End on Etsy. Below are two of my most recent acquisitions: Oompa L-ewe-mpa (in orange) and Sparkle y-ewe-r ass off, a beautiful blend of greys and the palest greens with a touch of real glitter.

It's only after I took these photos this evening that I realized that I seem to have an orange-red theme running through my veins at the moment. I'm not sure why. Maybe my mind is slowly working through the colourwheel (I recall writing posts about blues and greens not long ago). Maybe I'm longing for yet another vacation to sunny climes.

Or, maybe I just need a little spice. Some paprika, perhaps...

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