Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life in a Snow Globe

Have you ever felt like your world is like a great, big snow globe that has been picked up and shaken for fun? Since I was sick last week, I feel like it's only now that all the snowflakes are starting to settle. The world is finally looking clearer and I look less like a zombie and more like the jolly dolly I am. 

Yeah, I'm not sure what a jolly dolly is. It just came out like that, ok?

I've been working steadily on my Paprika Moody. It has been decidedly slow-going because of the mistakes improvements I've been making along the way, specifically:
  • Adding bust darts to the front to give my "girls" more space.
  • Ripping out the bust darts because I ended up with way too much fabric on the front.
  • Making super-stretchy buttonholes for the big buttons I wanted to use.
  • Stitching my super-stretchy buttonholes closed so that I could use smaller and less distracting buttons.
So, I'm still kinda hovering where I was around this time last week. I think it's for the best, though. These are the buttons I was going to use:

And here are the buttons I decided to use instead:

I think these buttons are much better for the sweater. It meant spending about an hour hand-stitching the buttonholes so that the smaller buttons would sit properly. I can now say that I am now a button-stitch expert. Send me a buttonhole, I'll stitch 'er for ya!

I don't know how anyone would send a buttonhole, but you get what I mean...

I had an out-of-town appointment this afternoon. I usually bring my knitting along to work on in the waiting room, but I happened to arrive a bit earlier than I anticipated, so I decided to have a short walk around the town to explore. I found a second-hand charity shop and spied these:

Size 10, pretty, shiny, sparkly shoes! And the price? Wait for it...

One dollar and fifty cents. Wha?!

I was so happy with my purchase that I actually took one of them out and placed it on my dashboard for the drive home. It was only after I'd been driving for 20 minutes that I realized that the sequins were probably reflecting the sunlight and dazzling oncoming drivers. I snatched it off the dashboard and tossed it onto my passenger seat. Imagine having to explain that to the police...

I guess I could tell them that I was trying to replicate the snow-globe-effect for everyone. Yeah... that'd go over well...


  1. I must say I like the second smaller button set. I think the first big buttons are pretty, but that is not their project (in my opinion.)

    Your snow globe shoes are perfect. Plus I like the spindles and yarn in the pretty box in the back of the picture.

    1. Yes, those big buttons need another project. The fun part now is figuring out what project it will be!