Thursday, March 1, 2012

And It Turned Into a Shop

I am by no means a tidy person. I'm quite convinced that the trail of things I leave behind during a day will save me one day if I am buried in an avalanche. You just need to follow the earrings, socks, books, yarn, hairpins, and bam! There I'll be. You won't even need a Saint Bernard...

... except I really like Saint Bernards, so use one anyway, ok?

Anyway, I was feeling kind of guilty that my messy habit was slowly turning my dining room into a big pile of junk. The hubby has been quite forgiving about it, but it was just getting a tad ridiculous. I had balls of yarn piled everywhere, and bags of roving stashed beside the couch. Hm. I wasn't really doing so well with sharing space with other human beings.

So, I got some shelves.

Ok wait, would you call this a shelf, or shelves, or a book case or what? Because I've discovered that this is not what everyone thinks of when they think of the word "shelves."

Anyway, I snagged these shelves from an acquaintance of mine who owns a beauty salon and who was getting rid of it. She used it to display products, but didn't have any use for it anymore. When I went to pick it up, she said, "Are you using it for storage or display?"

Well, the answer is: both. I think it looks really nice, don't you?

Of course, after gathering up all my stuff and putting it all in one place, I've discovered that I've got a LOT of yarn. I mean, I'm not entirely shocked by that fact, but it's made me a little sheepish (heh, get it?) about getting a single gram more of yarn. It's good to know what I actually have. The good thing is that I know what most of this yarn is going to be.

This shelf is going to be mostly shawls - lace, fair isle, and slipped stitch shawls:

There are two tops, one bolero, a few more shawls and a colourwork experiment on this shelf:

A skirt, two more tops, a shoulder bag, a cardigan, and a ruana is sitting here.

And this... well, I'll make it into yarn and decide later:

The top shelf has books, pamphlets and a box of pens and other writing implements.

And yes, I'm well aware that it looks like I could open a shop with all this yarn. dkzack came over yesterday and was quite keen to go shopping in there. I told her that hey, if she wanted to pay, she could.

Of course, what I was really thinking was something along the lines of, "over my dead body." Somewhat fitting, since we watched Criminal Minds together last night...

Anyway, tidying up turned out to be a great thing. This is the first thing I get to see when I come down the stairs in the morning. I intend to work down some of this stash so that I can eventually use some of those shelves to store some of my art supplies that are currently sitting in boxes in the basement. It may take a while, but gosh darn it, I've set a goal... and what a goal it is.

My goal is to knit more. Ha!

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