Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Thought I'd Mastered This in Kindergarten

I learned to count from my mother. Most mothers I know sit and count with their toddlers... one finger, two fingers, three fingers... one duck, two ducks, three ducks... four cars, five cars, six cars... I even learned to count in two languages. You can do that sort of thing when you're little.

In kindergarten, I'm sure I learned to count even better... maybe even up to TWENTY.

So, how come I can't count now?

I've been working on Anne Hanson's Butternut Scarf using two balls of Hempathy that have been sitting in my yarn basket for a couple of years (which is the case for most of my yarn, really).  I've been in love with this pattern ever since I saw it in Abby Franquemont's Respect the Spindle book a while back. When I finally figured out where I could get the pattern, I got it as soon as I could, because I knew it had to be mine. Excellent... yarn and pattern, all ready to go.


Except I made it through about three-quarters through the first of the two balls of yarn I had and realized it was really going to be too short.

I tried shopping through other people's stashes on Ravelry, from people who claimed they would trade or sell them, but unfortunately, nobody returned my messages (that's a whole rant right there, but nevermind).

I thought about just ordering a single ball online, but that just seemed like a waste of time and postage.

I thought about just leaving it and living with it. Yeah, right.

So, I ripped it all out and am starting all over. But, that's not the hardest part.

The hardest part is counting.

I worked out the math for making a skinnier scarf:  a pattern repeat of 14 stitches plus eleven for the border repeat plus 3 for the beginning and 3 for the end... right... so I want a scarf yea wide... I need 45 stitches.

Do you think I can count to 45???

I have higher education. I graduated with a Bachelor of Education with Distinction. I am good at math. I can convert gauge for knitting in my head.

But I can't get past 23 stitches.

So, at some point, this scarf is going to get done, and I'm going to love it because it will be the scarf I've been waiting for a couple of years to knit. But... but...

... I may need a tutor and a lot of milk and cookies before I that happens. Wish me luck!


Amanda Johnson said...

I love the color of the scarf. Good luck with it... I have those days where I can't count or talk at all, it seems.

AdrieneJ said...

I seem to be having an entire week like that! Thank goodness it's almost the weekend!