Monday, April 2, 2012

Inspiration Mondays: A World Where Women Support Each Other

So, here's the ugly reality about women:  they are catty. That is a vast generalization, but there's a reason I have tended to gravitate toward male friendships over the years. It's only in the last few years that the number of female friendships in my life has increased.

I have a great respect for women. I think we are strong. I think we have strengths in areas that many men aren't as strong. I think we have an understanding of undercurrents, and a special way of observing the world.


I've been to fitness classes on my own... in fact, I love exercise in solitude (well, I don't LOVE it, but I prefer it). Perhaps this is because of conversations I have heard amongst other women after these classes where they criticize other women in the class. I'm sure I've been guilty of it in the past.

When I taught school, which do you think was tougher: teaching in an all-boys school or an all-girls school? The girls. Can you say psychological warfare? Intimidation? Guilt?

And as an aside: some of the women who get the worst criticisms I've ever heard are mothers. There is not another more criticized person on Earth.

Women, think about it: when you hear of a broken heterosexual relationship, who do you blame? Do you blame the man? If you do, what do you call the woman he runs off with? Floozy? Loose? Or do you wonder if she was just another human being with the same mindset as the man?

When you hear of a child who died in an unfortunate accident, do you blame, or do you mourn? Do you feel anger or compassion?

What I really want is for women to just consider each other as a sisterhood... as PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS, deserving of respect and compassion. Just a little bit of that good ol' compassion. No judgement, just... empathy. Feeling. Respect.

I think it's hard enough to be a girl in this world. I don't think we should make it harder for each other, for our sisters, mothers or daughters. I think we should just take a second and make a promise to ourselves to respect everyone in the same way we want to be respected.

Let's try, ok?


  1. I too gravitate toward male friends, well at least I did in High School. Most of my female friends describe themselves as you and I have, with strong male friendships primarily. Guess we all tend to seek each other out?
    I think sometimes the cattyness comes from the idea that the thing we most identify in ourselves irritates us the most in other people.
    I talk a lot, I've been know to read signs out loud as I drive. My co-worker narrates her day and it drives me crazy.
    So I will take your advice and try to be more tolerant and understanding.

    1. I have observed the same thing in me... I think we are loathe to see the things we loathe in ourselves reflected in others. I'm constantly reminding myself to look in the mirror and to try to give people the understanding I wish for myself. At least we're conscious of it.