Sunday, June 10, 2012

Well, Just Because...

I had a really, really happy day yesterday. I bought YARN.

Yeah, I know. Yarn diet, yarn schmiet. Look at that pretty pile of loveliness.

My yarn friends and I went into the city yesterday to observe World Wide Knit in Public Day (which, apparently, is next week, but what the hey). It happened to coincide with the first anniversary of the opening of The Loop, one of our favourite local yarn stores. To celebrate, they offered a twenty percent discount on all their yarns.

Well heck, who are we to pass up the opportunity to celebrate an anniversary?

And heck, if we're going to be in the city, why not visit another yarn store?

And heck, if we're going to be the city, why not eat food we can't get in our small town and visit other stores we don't get to go to very often? And buy books and clothes and other stuff?

A good day overall. Oh yeah, and we knitted in public, too.

Our yarn shopping was lovely: relaxed, slow, and fun, with lots of people around to chat with about projects and to get opinions on patterns. We could take our time and look at everything, touch everything, collect piles of skeins to compare and put together... The Loop had food and goodies to keep us nourished as we worked (and yes, yarn shopping can be hard work). I even had a coffee laced with a bit o' something to keep me from getting grumpy... Man, they're good.

Yet again, I was fascinated by how differently each of us shopped. Faced with the same shelf of wares, we'd all say, "Oooo, look at that!" And our hands would all reach for a different skein.

I've never really spent much time analyzing why I am attracted to certain yarns. I spend so much time at work justifying my every move that I really don't want to have to attach justifications to my hobbies.  When we were at the second yarn shop (Gina Brown's, for those in the know), my friend, Susan, asked me, "What makes you choose neutrals?" That surprised me, because I really didn't think I was choosing neutrals. When I looked at the yarn I'd collected, I guessed she was right.

But then, I looked at another pile later on, and decided she was wrong:

As I was taking photos for my Ravelry stash page, I started thinking, "Why this yarn? And why that?" So, I attached phrases to each.

"Silky friends." The top yarn is a silk/wool/bamboo blend, the bottom a llama/silk blend. I'll used both make something textured to show off their sheen.

"Cool silver." This is laceweight alpaca/silk that will make the most heavenly lace stole. The thought of it on my arms makes me shiver with delight.

"Sophisticated." This is fingering weight wool/silk, destined for a Kieran Foley lace shawl... I think...

"Snow White in the forest." Cascade Heritage Sock, a merino/nylon yarn. I pictured a raven-haired girl in a fairy tale wearing a shawl of this yarn on her shoulders. I want to make something gothic with this... severe, but delicate.

"Rich pine." I've wanted a yarn like this for a while. Malabrigo always makes my dreams a reality, especially with sock yarn. I don't know what it will be just yet.

"Dripping elegance." This is a tussah silk/viscose blend, textured, but smooth... it will make a pretty, drapey scarf for the summer.

"Berry juice." Doesn't this Malabrigo sock look like mashed up blackberries? Another skein to day dream about...

"About time." Malabrigo sock in Eggplant. I wanted this a long time ago, and I finally convinced myself that I deserved it. I think it will just be a skein for me to enjoy looking at for now.

"Jolly Rancher Watermelon." That's the colour, right? Cascade calls it "3751" but man, it's what Jolly Ranchers in Watermelon flavour looks like. These are pima cotton skeins. They'll make a comfy tee for me.

All together, I think the phrase I'd use for my collection would be "Just Because." Because who needs a reason for the things they love?

Sigh, yeah... just love 'em. I sure do.


YarnKettle said...

Good for you! You certainly don't need to justify yarn purchases to me, but hey I do love to see the pictures. Beautiful choices, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you will make with them too.

Annie said...

hey hon! thanks for visiting The Loop. we had a ball on saturday and your group was instrumental in that. we loved that you took your time, visited, laughed... it was so great! we hope to see you again soon.


AdrieneJ said...

I knew you'd appreciate the yarn photo overload!

AdrieneJ said...

I have my yarn in work with me today just to cuddle and enjoy at breaktime... and maybe to show off to some of my yarn friends. Thanks for the great time! We'll certainly be back!