Sunday, July 29, 2012

Floored, and Things From the Middle of the Night

My parents were here this week to help us install some laminate flooring in our kitchen. Nice, huh? It's wonderful to have handy people in my life, especially when I am not particularly talented in that department.

With my 10k training as well as with a busy week at work, I felt like the week went by in a flash. I wish I had longer to visit with my parents, but they're a bit like superheroes: They do their thing, then they disappear.

And since I was so busy, It wasn't until today that I got a chance to go out into the garden to check things out. Tonight, I pulled out a few fresh beets and roasted them for our dinner. I love the look of their jewelled flesh when you peel them:

And, somehow, I managed to get a section of my current knitting project finished. This is the ivory section of something I've decided to call "The Oreo Cowl," because it is going to be sandwiched by two black sections:

Last night, I woke up feeling a little anxious, so I got up, got myself a little snack, and started knitting again. The middle of the night is a weird time. Sounds seem louder, light seems brighter, and thoughts are dream-like, I think because you are not totally committed to the idea that you are awake. I'd been working on a simple "false rib" stitch section for the rest of the cowl, but as I worked away, listening to quiet music and the sound of the quiet house, somehow, this little leaf appeared in my work.

And I like it. I think I'll work these in at intervals for the rest of the cowl.

I like my sleep, but man, it'd be interesting to see what would happen if I kept working in the middle of the night. Too bad I have to work during the day, otherwise there might be some pretty cool masterpieces emerging from my needles...

But then again, maybe not. It's probably not the best idea to be working with pointy needles on small amounts of sleep. Ah well...


Yarndancer said...

The floor looks great! And that little leaf is so cute there by itself! :)

AdrieneJ said...

Thank you on both counts! I'm so happy with the floor, but now I'm paranoid I'm going to wreck it somehow. and I'm adding more leaves as I go. Whee!