Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inspiration Mondays on a Tuesday: When They Find Each Other

Remember how we played with paints when we were in kindergarten? We wore those plastic smocks and stood in front of an easel and used those big, thick brushes to make portraits of our families where everyone had enormous heads, stick-like arms, and occasionally had a body? And how there was a pot of water to dip your brush into to clean it, and how you usually ended up with a soggy piece of paper because no one told you about squeezing the water out of the brush? And remember when you started realizing that certain colours could go together and look nice together?

Well, the last thing didn't happen to me. I have no recollection of figuring out colour theory. I remember being told about complimentary colours once. Red and green, yellow and blue, purple and orange. That is the sum total of what I know about colours. Hue? What? Saturation? Eh? Tint? Say wha?

There are so many cool two-colour patterns out there right now, but I have so little imagination when it comes to figuring out my own unique colour combination that doesn't look like I burned out the rods and cones in my eyeballs before choosing them. Usually, it's lucky happenstance when my yarn ends up finding each other.

Take these, for example: madelinetosh dk in Candlewick and Koigu in a mixture of greens.

I glanced over at the table one day and found these guys hanging out together, like students at college who figured out that they're the same kinda folks: Sublime DK in icy blue and my own handdyed bfl.

The same thing happened when my eyes drifted over one day to these two skeins from Dragonfly Dyewerx. The funny thing is that they both have fruity names: It's Grape To Be Me and Honeydew.

Even though I have so little background understanding colour, I have a great love for it. It satisfies something inside of me that I really can't describe. It starts inside my eyes and moves into my heart. Corny, I know, but it's true. And since these little lucky combinations have happened, it's inspired me to go through my skeins and see which ones might be happy together. And maybe it's because I don't have any background in it that I'm not predisposed to rules and theory.

And yeah, this could be a metaphor for the way we people find each other, too... the way we meet kindred spirits in the strangest of places. The thing is, we need to be open to the lucky combinations life throws at us, and not get bogged down by rules and theory: like attracting like or opposites attract and all of that hullaballoo. Most people wait for the great friendships and relationships in their lives to announce themselves with all the trumpets and fireworks that all the books tell you to expect, but the truth is, people enter into our lives like seasons: with a whisper. And if you're open to them, there is nothing more satisfying than these lucky circumstances we find ourselves in.

Cheers, all.


YarnKettle said...

Those color combinations are gorgeous. They provide great contrast to each other without taking anything away from them.
I find myself liking colors that I never have, now that I became a knitter. Orange an yellow happily live in my stash when before they never would have been let in the house.

AdrieneJ said...

Yes! Sometimes, when I'm wandering around a LYS, I find myself asking, "Am I forgetting about some colours? Which ones have I not looked at for a long time?" It's great to rediscover them!