Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Little Luggage Family

Old stuff makes me happy. Useful old stuff makes me even happier. Leave me in an antique shop, and I'll walk around it a hundred times before I want to leave... much to the hubby's chagrin.

Recently, my love for vintage items has extended to luggage. It started with the train case that is now holding my favourite yarn skeins. Yeah, I know it's weird. No, I don't care what anyone thinks. They just don't make stuff like this anymore, and I love the thought that I can have a pretty bag without waiting for a factory in China to crank one out for me.

Here's my little vintage Samsonite luggage family. Below me is my green Silhouette bag, which I use for carrying my yoga stuff. To the right of that is my blue Sonoma bag, which I use to carry my swimming stuff. Above that is a yellow Weekender bag, which does not have a use just yet. I got it last week at a charity shop for $3.00.

I know someone out there cares about this, so I'm posting this photo for a bit of luggage eye-candy, and maybe for a bit of affirmation. Luggage buddies, can I get a "woop woop!" It's kinda lonely not having many peeps who get my obsession... come say hi!


YarnKettle said...

They look lovely and no signs of wear on them either! You find some great things.

AdrieneJ said...

The yellow one has a wee bit of rust damage on the buckle, but it still looks pretty good. The others are in amazing condition! I bag my wet bathing suit in two plastic bags just be sure when I use the blue one at the pool, and I'm careful where I aet it.

Yarndancer said...

They're so pretty! I kind of collect bags (bit of an understatement there lol) and I can see I'll be heading into luggage collecting territory pretty soon. And you're right, it's super useful!

AdrieneJ said...

Wait'll you see the purple one I scored off Etsy the other day! Sigh... at this rate, I'll need to have a bag for every activity!