Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspiration Mondays on a Tuesday: Thing-makers

I was over at my friend Tara's house yesterday, and as we played around with fibery things, she asked me if I knew someone she'd met at the market the other day. She told me how said person turned up numerous times at her booth and purchased some of her handpainted rovings for use in needle-felting.

"She's a thing-maker." she said.

It's not the first time I've heard her use that term, and I rather like it. It sounds almost Dr. Seuss-like in some ways, which makes me like it even more. Thing-maker. Maker of things. Creator of stuff.

And yeah, I know it's also a Marilyn Manson song, but let's just go with my thoughts first.

I like thing-makers. I'm surrounded them: my brother is a chef, my hubby writes his own software, my dad is a mechanic, my mom cooks and crochets and makes all kinds of stuff. I'm always so pleased to find out someone I know can make things: yarn, woodwork, paintings, clothes, planes (Yes, I know people who build planes. And yes, you can fly in them). It lights up a part of my brain like a Christmas tree. Oooooo, thing-maker...

What I like most about thing-makers is that they are not only clever and creative and heavily-skilled: they are also unwilling to accept the status quo. They take what is in front of them and make it better. They make it fit better/taste better/look better/sound better/feel better. They see what exists and take it up a notch. And they don't stop until their vision is realized. And they have the courage to create, even though not everyone shares their vision and the resultant thing may not turn out the way they hope.

In short, thing-makers are some of the bravest people I know.

So, a friend of mine loves all things tech: phones, computers, tablets, gadgets, gizmos, hoohahs... whatever you wanna call them. And his love for Android brought out his inner thing-maker and inspired him to write a song about it. I thought I'd share it here as an example of how thing-makers take what they have in front of them and make them shine. Here you go, Dawg. Thanks for sharing your thing with me.

That sounds so wrong...

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YarnKettle said...

I too am a proud thing maker.
I have not fallen for an android though.