Saturday, November 10, 2012

The List Life

I'm in robot-mode these days. Before I go to bed, I make a mental list of stuff to work on the next day, including what I'll eat, when I'll exercise, what tasks I'll complete at work, what I'll work on at home, and when I'll sleep. I'm hoping that this will make the big jobs seems smaller, so I won't feel so overwhelmed by them. It's been working out pretty well so far, and is a good thing in practice.

Except, The List Life wasn't happening for me today. In fact, I wandered around in circles trying to get things done and getting not very far.

Today, I wanted to:
  • get out and walk Rascal for two 30-minute walks.
  • buy some goodies for a Christmas charity donation for disadvantaged children.
  • go to the second-hand shop and get a pair of jeans that fit me.
  • get a pair of sweatpants to wear over said pair of jeans to keep me warm in the frigid winter that has descended upon us.
  • exercise for an hour in the basement.
  • stretch for 30-minutes.
  • go out for dinner with the hubby.
The day started out well. The sun was shining, and I dressed myself in my warm coat and dressed Rascal in his stripey sweater and we traipsed out with the hubby for a walk in the snow. First walk, check. I knew we'd make it home, get into the car, and go do the errands in town.

Then, on the way home, one of our neighbours stuck his head out of his door and invited us in for hot chocolate. Slight setback, but a delicious one. Ok, I'm a little behind, I said. No biggie.

We got home, and then headed off to the store where I was going to buy the goodies for the donation box. We got out, walked to the door and read the sign that said, "Closed Due to Flooding." Hm. Ok, well, move along, I said to myself.

Luckily, the next one on the list worked out: I picked up jeans at the second-hand store for a song. Check.

Next: sweatpants for winter day walks. Complete.

And well, that's when productivity unraveled.

Ok, workout time, I said to myself. But first, I'll have lunch...

... and then I'll spin a few yards on the batt Tara gave me...

... and then knit a few rows on this shawl...

... and then make some linings for my Gung-Ho Mittens...

... and THEN I'll work out!

And well, I did eventually get down there, after taking Rascal for his second walk. And I had a less than stellar workout. Meh.

I'm pleased to say that I did an excellent job of eating dinner, though.

And yeah, I did stretch eventually, after I sat around on the couch and felt sorry for myself for no good reason. Maybe it's the darkness. Maybe it's the cold weather. Or maybe I need to lay off the lists for the rest of the weekend. Right now, that seems easier said than done.

Tomorrow, I'm heading over to a friend's to show her how to make pita and hummus and baked falafel. I'm bringing over some tzatziki and tomatoes and cucumbers to eat with it. I've got a roast planned for dinner. I've got exercise to do. And stretching. And dog-walking. And knitting.

Is that a list? Maybe. And maybe I'll get through it tomorrow... and maybe not. But maybe I'll be ok with the list not getting done tomorrow, because I think today was a good indication that I need a break...

... but first, I'll finish this blogpost. And maybe knit a row or two. And iron that shirt that's been hanging all wrinkled for the last two weeks.

Sigh... I'll work on it, ok?

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YarnKettle said...

I love lists, they help me remember all kinds of things, like why I am at the store in the first place.
Your only slight error was to not put knitting on your weekend list. We need our yarny time too. :)