Monday, January 21, 2013

Inspiration Mondays: Loyal to the Face

I saw this when I was in a fitting room in Santa Monica this weekend. I thought it was an interesting thing to find in a place full of women who are so conscious of their appearance.

I've never been afraid of getting wrinkles or grey hair, but maybe it's because I'm not afraid to have them that I don't actually have them... at least, not that I've really noticed. A grey hair or two, a wrinkle here and there. So far, that's it. I like the idea that I actually make my own face, and since I am making it, I can control what happens. Frown a lot? Worry all the time? Then look yourself in the mirror and see what you have created.

Perhaps if I live a life of contentment, it will show all the way through. Then, I can be truly loyal to the face I have made.

I saw also saw this whilst wandering through Santa Monica. I hope we can all remind ourselves of this every day.

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