Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Take Cover: Explosion Ahead

There are few things as wonderful as a couple of weeks away from obligation. My hiatus from work, the fitness regimen, and from the blog did wonders for my state of mind. I feel refreshed, if somewhat flabby, and all the resulting spare time meant that I actually made stuff.

I KNOW. I made STUFF. When does that happen anymore? And the stuff came running out like water from an exploding faucet. That happened to me once while I was in a shower... an exploding faucet, I mean... but that's another story...

In truth, I have been working on things here and there over the last few months, but my completion rate was dreadfully low. Slow and steady wins the race and all that, but it gets awfully boring to work on the same thing for so long. Case in point: this version of the Willow Cowl, made with some lace weight alpaca/silk that I purchased a couple of years ago from a lady at Olds Fibre Week. It was a long knit, considering how simple the pattern is (it took me over a month), and I finished it right before I finished work for the holidays. I love, love, love the result, and I've been wearing it frequently. I actually slip it over my head and wear it like a wimple on cold days. It is lovely and soft around my face, even if it does make me look like a nun.

After I finished that, the explosion of stuff happened.

Kapow! Mitts, made during the 13-hour drive to Winnipeg. I made them with Briggs and Little Durasport held double. It's not the softest of yarns to knit with, but these babies will wear like iron.

Kablam! A neckwarmer, based on the Hypernova Scarf pattern. It was supposed to be the full-length scarf, but I got bored and cast off early. It gave me an excuse to use one of my buttons from my button stash to close it off. It's made from some of Tara's 50/50 wool/silk yarn in a colourway called Bodacious. Heaven on the neck...

ThWAAK! (I got that sound from a retro Batman show.) I made this cowl on New Year's Eve from one skein of Berroco Peruvia Quick (a good name for a super bulky yarn). For 100% wool, it really nice and soft. Knitting on size 13 needles was so strange that it was almost like I was faking it... like it wasn't really knitting, but doing a darn good job mimicking it. Three episodes of QI on YouTube, and I had another cowl:

Three projects in a week and a half? Golly geez, that is fracking impressive, if you ask me, even if they were smallish ones. There is something to be said for instant gratification... well, instant-ish. Nothing in knitting is instant, except maybe for the urge to buy more yarn. But even though I did all that knitting, I still managed to find time to do an impressive amount of shopping, so purchasing more of anything is pretty much out of the question.

The next explosion might be my credit card bursting its seams. Good thing payday is this Friday!

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YarnKettle said...

Shasam! Way to go. They're all lovely.