Sunday, February 10, 2013

Infinity, Tested

I've had a busy, productive Sunday so far. Worked out, walked the dog, and then cooked my face off. My kitchen now has a batch of bean and chickpea soup (lunch for the week), fresh pita (for the freezer), pre-made banana and almond porridge (breakfast for the week), baked falafel (also for the freezer) and lemon and poppy muffins (for my tummy). In a continued fit of efficiency, the dishes are all washed, my coffee is sitting next to me, and my muffin is slowly disappearing into the bottomless pit called my stomach.

Through all this work, I have been contemplating this:

Yeah, I know. It's yarn. But it's freaking me out.

It's some leftovers I had from a skein Yummy Yarn Studio. I made a shawl with this, thinking I'd use up the entire skein, but I was left with about 40% of it unused. It weirded me out then, but then I discovered I'd used the wrong size needle. Meh, no big deal. I'd use it up eventually...

So, recently, I went on the hunt for a fingerless mitt pattern to use it up. I found Simone Drager's Straightforward Mitts pattern. It said it would use about 160 yards. I figured I'd use more, since my hands are wide and larger than most women's hands, and I'd want a longer cuff. I figured I'd use at least twice as much yarn as called for.

So, I cast on, knitted away, not really paying attention to how much I was using. I added more rows before I made the thumb gusset. I made the cuffs longer. I added several more rows to the length. I made the thumb longer and wider. Bigger, bigger, bigger...

But I still have way more yarn leftover than I thought I would. Either I have smaller hands than I thought, or the mods I made weren't nearly as serious as I thought. Either way, I still have about 17% of the orignal skein left. I'll have to find some use for it, but still... weird...

And it's starting to freak out the others, too. I better get it used up before I have a riot on my hands...


  1. See now I thought you was going to say you ran out of yarn after the first mitt.

    I say let the yarn have a riot, I bet they would tangle themselves beautifully.

    1. Ha! That is totally what SHOULD have happened, given my past experiences with running out of yarn. Maybe the yarn karma is finally balancing out!