Monday, February 25, 2013

Inspiration Mondays: Vargas Knitting

I have pretty good focus, most of the time. And when I say focus, I mean the concentration kind. And when I say concentration, I mean obsessive concentration. And by that, I mean that, when I am concentrating on something that I am obsessed about, smoke sometimes comes out of my ears.

Yesterday, I finally remembered that I had been given a gift certificate for a skein of yarn from my friend Tara's shop. As luck would have it (we'll call it luck), I couldn't decide between two skeins, so I decided to buy one and use my certificate for the other. The reddish skein is called Wacky Watermelon, and the one in front is called 1957 Chevy.

That's the object of my obsession.

It's the colour of a lot of the cute vintage kitchenware I come across in vintage and second-hand shops. It's like a pale blue/mint/robin's egg... well, 1957 Chevy colour, really. And it got me thinking about other 50's/60's vintage stuff I love so much:

Mad Men Fashion:

Vintage luggage (yeah, that baby is mine):

And Vargas girls:

So, I started wondering: is it possible for me to knit something inspired by the famous pin ups that Vargas used to paint? I started searching, looking at image after image for something that might be something I could make. Page after page of these over-the-top, curvy beauties finally brought me to this image:

That shrug she's wearing... I think I could work with that. It's interesting: flowy and textured. I could wear that... except with maybe a little less cleavage and stockings. I know, it's probably not Vargas if there's no cleavage, but if I'm gonna make something like this, I have to at least wear it in public. My mother reads this blog, after all.

Anyway, today I am inspired by the 1957 Chevy skein and the intense, swooping shapes of the 50's and 60's. And maybe I can figure out how to bring a little more shazaam to this knitting thing I do. Wish me luck!

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YarnKettle said...

Oooo 57 Chevy is beautiful. I look forward to seeing how the shazaam works out. Good luck!