Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Inspiration Mondays on a Tuesday: Food Geniuses

Fact: Pinterest is a huge menu of stuff that makes me hungry at 10 o'clock at night.

Fact: Even though I know this, I spend many evenings tempting myself into a stupor.

Fact: It is through Pinterest that I have learned that there are several food geniuses on the internet.

These geniuses are people who have either:
  1. Found ways to make foods that are tasty despite dietary restrictions.
  2. Written recipes for food that are delicious, low fat, and naturally flavoured.
  3. Created meals that feed families full of real ingredients and that their children love to help make.
  4. Found amazing ways to celebrate the vast array of the things that are available to us here in the First World.
Food is hard. I mean, eating food is easy, but everything else about food tends to be shrouded in a bunch of controversy and emotion. Our lives are full of food experiences, both good and bad, and we're constantly bombarded with images of stuff we should eat, stuff we shouldn't eat, stuff that was good for us but is now bad for us... it's a confusing world for those of us who can choose what we put in our mouths.

What inspires me about these food geniuses is that they seem to find ways to take that away and just create one experience: a treat, a meal, a snack. That's all. Reading their blogposts and looking at their photographs is already an experience in and of itself. I'm grateful for those experiences, and they inspire me to move out of my meal ruts, to try out new things, and to challenge myself to make better choices.

And goodness knows I like a challenge.

Here are a few food geniuses I invite you to meet. I also invite you to move out of your comfort zone and give some of their things a try. Feel free to share your favourite sites in the comments below!

By the way, the photo below is of a meal I experimented with a few months back. I can't remember what it was, but it looked so good while it was cooking that I took a photo. I guess I really am a foodie!

Not Without Salt - "Not Without Salt is a tool for helping you eat well and enjoy the process of cooking and baking real, good food."

Shutterbean - Simply put, it's a blog about Food, Photography, and Pretty Things.

Skinnytaste.com - Delicious, low fat recipes for families.

Pennies on a Platter - Recipes for families that are tasty, nutritious, and value for money.

A Year of Slow Cooking - A blog detailing someone's year of exploring recipes using a slowcooker.

Gluten-Free Goddess - Home of the recipe for the gooiest chocolate cake I've ever seen!

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